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(KMAland) -- Let’s dive back into the All-Decade series with a school that I’ve covered quite closely over the years – Clarinda.

The Clarinda poll is up and ongoing until tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM. You can still place your vote here. I’ve set a new parameter on the All-Decade poll, too. Just so things don’t get out of hand with handing out participation ribbons, I’m limiting the polls to 20 athletes or less. We’ll see how much I can adhere to it.

With that said, the poll is only half of this All-Decade series at KMA Sports. The other half is this blog, and there will be many names mentioned in this blog each day. So please, do not get mad, sad or furious if your name or your favorite athlete’s name doesn’t make the poll. Sometimes I mess up once. I never mess up twice. That’s not true, but I at least try not to.

Anyway, let’s get on with it. But first…


Here’s the result from our CD poll:








Boyer Valley


Central Decatur


FOOTBALL: Record – 32-53. The Cardinals qualified for the state playoffs in 2011, 2013 and 2014. The 2014 year was one of their finest in awhile as they won a playoff game and finished the year a terrific 9-2.

VOLLEYBALL: Record – 151-115. A hugely successful decade for the volleyball team, including a trip to the state tournament in 2010. They had winning records in seven of the nine years during this span.

CROSS COUNTRY: I think the cross country program is about to pop off here very soon, especially on the girl’s side. They will soon have a very, very strong team. Just watch.

GIRLS BASKETBALL: Record – 62-144. The Cardinals actually started the decade with a pair of winning marks and competed quite well in the postseason. They were also near .500 in a pair of other seasons. The struggles have been real of late. They’ve definitely had good players, but the Hawkeye Ten is an unforgiving league.

BOYS BASKETBALL: Record – 70-158. The beginning of the decade started with a 3-19 ragtag of sophomores. They turned into a 21-win bunch that finished third place in the entire state. Fun team, I tell ya.

WRESTLING: Blake Luna won three state medals in his career, and the last of those was a state championship. A real fun story, too. Also of note, JJ Clark was a beast on the mat, nabbing a pair of third-place medals in 2015 and 2016, and Cole Race finished eighth in his weight class in 2013.

TRACK & FIELD: Two big memories from the decade – the state champions in the shuttle hurdle relay (boys) and the state champions in the 4x100 (girls). The boys SHR team kind of came together late in the season, and then they just kept shaving a second off their time nearly every time out. The girls team was just a lot of fun to follow, talk to and root for.

Also, Laura Steinauer placed sixth in the 2010 high jump, Jaedra Moses was sixth in the 2015 200 and Kaylee Buch was eighth in the 2012 shot put. Plus, that same shuttle hurdle relay foursome of Jacob and Zach Carlson, Clark and Lucas Shatava nabbed medals in the 4x100 (6th) and 4x400 (7th).

GOLF: The golf history in Clarinda is real, real nice, and they had some great girls and boys teams during the decade. In 2010, the girls team finished second at state (behind Kuemper) and were led by Jennifer Geer’s third-place finish (tied for second, lost to the winner by just one stroke).

In 2011, the Cardinals ended up third in the state and Geer was eighth overall. Grace Davidson had a ninth-place finish in 2016 and finished 11th in 2017. Gracie Brown qualified for state in 2018. (My apologies to anyone that made state in 2012 and 2013, but the records have been wiped from the IGHSAU website.)

On the boy’s side, Connor Pirtle was a two-time state qualifier (2016, 2017) and topped out at 15th in 2017. Carlton Rahn finished in the top 20 in 2017, too, when the Cardinals finished fourth as a team. Kramer Samuelson is another state qualifier – in 2012 when he finished ninth.

TENNIS: The girls had at least two state medals during the decade with Sarah Cabeen and Kayla Rogers teaming up for a seventh place finish in 2015 – their second straight year together at state. Cabeen then went to state individually the next year and finished fifth overall. Maddie Hartley (2018) and Casey Dean (2012) were other state tennis qualifiers on the girl’s side. Apologies to any 2010 or 2011 qualifiers. Again, the IGHSAU archives have been wiped out from those years.

On the boy’s side, the Alex Best and Brady Williams duo, which advanced to state in doubles this past season, were the first qualifiers since Dedric Kettwick and Austin Smith teamed up to go to state in 2014 and 2015. Of course, this year’s team was also the best team in the area and the Hawkeye Ten champion.

SOFTBALL: Record – 79-253. Summer-time sports = tough retention rate. The Cardinals had some nice young talent nearly every single year, but very rarely did all of that talent stick together for the four or five years. They did have at least 10 wins for the first four seasons of the decade, and then topped out at nine (their win total this year, too) the rest of the way.

BASEBALL: Record – 103-171. The record didn’t always speak to how good these Clarinda teams actually were during the decade. There were multiple times they would enter the postseason with a .500ish record and make a deep run. I think they’re more than capable of that again this year, and with all the young talent they have, they figure to be pretty good for years to come.

ALSO: Since I am in the business of not trying to leave anyone out, Clarinda now has a bowling program. It’s one-year old and had a solid first season this past winter. In addition, I know the Cardinals have sent some solid swimmers to Atlantic over the years.


Jenny Bair, Class of 2014; Lauren Bair, Class of 2018; Rachael Baer, Class of 2016

Let’s just throw them all in there. They all played and started four years of volleyball and were always among the best players in the area. The eldest, Jenny, averaged over four kills in her senior season and was a key member of the state team in her freshman year. Rachael switched from setting early in her career to setting and hitting late, and she was fantastic at all of it. Lauren was an absolute star by the end of her career, topping the Bair family with a 4.13-kill per set average in her senior season. They were all major contributors in several others sports, too, especially Jenny, who averaged 13.6 and 14.0 points per game in her junior and senior basketball seasons.

Kaylee Buch, Class of 2012

I thought this would have been a sneaky pick to win the whole dang poll. She was a very, very good player in volleyball, basketball, softball and track. I’ve already mentioned her track exploits, but she also averaged around 1.5 kills per set during her volleyball career, averaged a double-double in her senior year of basketball (and was near there as a junior and sophomore) and could smack the ever-loving you know what out of the softball. In her junior season, she hit .459/.496/.746 with 20 extra-base hits and 40 RBI. Yeesh.

JJ Clark, Class of 2016

He has a great case for the top spot. The dude was a Division I football recruit, a two-time third-place finisher in wrestling, a state champion in track and a really solid baseball player. When it comes to the best four-sport athletes of the decade in all of KMAland, Clark is up there.

Jennifer Geer, Class of 2011

She was best known for her golfing exploits, which I’ve already mentioned, but she was also a terrific defensive star in volleyball and solid in basketball. There were a lot of important pieces on that 2011 state volleyball team, and she was one of them as she averaged 4.71 digs per set in leading Clarinda to Cedar Rapids.

Maddie Hartley, Class of 2018

Hartley was a solid contributor in volleyball, an out-and-out star in basketball and had a very successful tennis career. We mentioned her tennis exploits, but here’s what she did in basketball – 15.6 points and 11.8 rebounds per game as a senior in the Hawkeye Ten Conference. Pretty, pretty good. Oh yeah, she also won the MVP of our first KMAland All-Star Basketball Classic.

Jett Kettwick, Class of 2015

Kettwick was an outstanding all-around athlete as well. In his senior year of football, he rushed for 1,241 yards and scored 12 touchdowns. That was after a junior season that saw him rush for 552 yards and lead the team in receiving with 201 yards (on five catches – yeah, 40.2 yards per catch). A gamebreaker. He also hit .471 in his baseball senior season.

Blake Luna, Class of 2014

A quarterback in football, a state champion in wrestling and a tough out in baseball, Luna made the most of everything. Not the biggest dude in the world, but his accomplishments speak for themselves.

Jaedra Moses, Class of 2015

Moses was a multi-sport star with major accomplishments in track, softball and basketball. She was an individual state track medalist, the anchor of the state champion 4x100, a Division II softball recruit that hit .528, .386 and .426 and stole 77 bases in her final three years and a double-digit scorer (11.8 per game) in her senior basketball season.

Bryce Neal, Class of 2018

Neal was definitely best known for what he could and can do on the baseball field. The guy was one of the top pitchers in the area during his career and one of the Cardinals finest hurlers…ever. He had a 1.07, 1.40, 1.58 and 2.42 ERA in his senior through freshman seasons.

Kramer Sameulson, Class of 2012

One of Clarinda’s best – the best? – male golfers during the decade, Samuelson also contributed heavily to the state basketball qualifier. The point guard also hit one of the most memorable shots of the decade for the Cardinals – the game-winner against Nodaway Valley (regular season game or not, that was neat).

Jared Stansbury, Class of 2012

He dunked and he Stansburied so many folks that he’s now an icon at CycloneFanatic. Stansbury – also a regular guest on Upon Further Review – averaged nearly 11 points per game for the Cardinals state qualifying basketball team. He was also a state qualifier in track and narrowly – like way less than a second – missed a state medal in the high hurdles. But he doesn’t want you to vote for him. He wants you to vote for…

Tyler Steeve, Class of 2012

I’m really happy how the alphabet made this work. Jared made a passionate plea for voters to pick his former teammate. I don’t blame him. The dude was cold. Steeve led the state qualifying team in points and rebounds, and he had some ridiculous state performances, including a make-or-go-home game-tying shot to force overtime in a state semifinal with St. Edmond. Steeve was also an outstanding quarterback, compiling 1,504 total yards in his senior season and leading the Cardinals into the state playoffs.

Laura Steinauer, Class of 2010

Hey, when it comes to pure athletic talent and ability, I’m not sure you could go wrong by picking Laura. She was soooooooo athletic and so talented. She probably still is. But it is very tough to pick a Class of 2010er for a decade poll that has gone on another nine years since they graduated. Steinauer was a star in volleyball, a star in basketball and a state medalist in track. What more do you want?

Sarah Steinauer, Class of 2011

Laura’s younger sister was the standout setter for their state volleyball qualifier, a solid contributor in basketball and a key member of their state golf tournament qualifiers. A lot of people remember Geer on those teams, but you can’t go to state without a solid supporting cast – and Sarah was a solid No. 2 on the team.

Darcy Sunderman, Class of 2014

A Division II volleyball recruit that played at Northwest Missouri State and turned into one of the – or maybe the – go-to hitters on the state volleyball qualifier….AS A FRESHMAN. She didn’t slow down from there, averaging a gaudy 4.56 kills per set as a junior and 3.88 as a senior. Sunderman focused more on volleyball as her career went on, but she also had some really nice numbers in basketball and softball.

Brandon Sweet, Class of 2012

The silky smooth slasher and shooter for the state qualifying basketball team, Sweet actually led the team in scoring in his sophomore and junior seasons. He’s such a nice guy that he let Steeve take that over in his senior year. Still, he was a very key member of the team, and he was a state qualifier in the 400 hurdles.

Taylor Wedemeyer, Class of 2019

A valued leader in all of her sports that had over 2,000 assists during her career as the volleyball setter. Wedemeyer also averaged 12 points per game in her senior basketball season, qualified for state in the 400 hurdles and put 1,000 smiles on people’s faces during her career.

Dakota Woods, Class of 2013

BANG! You know what I mean, right? Woods was such a huge contributor to the state basketball team in 2012, hitting big shot after big shot against Kuemper in their substate final. Of course, basketball was only his second-best sport, as he had some ridiculous numbers in baseball, including a .514 batting average as a sophomore. Woods was also a big-time contributor in football, including starting at quarterback in his senior season.


We can’t go on in life without mentioning the contributions of Big Willie Shull (Class of 2019). He was a workhorse over his final three seasons of football, rushing for at least 703 yards and eight touchdowns in all three years. Jared DeVoe (Class of 2015) is another that deserves mention for his standout abilities on the line in football. He was good enough to merit Division I recruiting attention.

Some other football standouts of the decade: Dusty Swindler (Class of 2014) had 109.5 tackles in his senior season, and how about Jeremiah Haug (Class of 2012)? The dude was a ballhawk with 108.5 tackles and 13 for loss as a senior and 83.5 and eight as a junior.

Morgan (Class of 2020) and Madi Lihs (Class of 2018) are and were fantastic hitters in volleyball. The younger Lihs had 3.11 kills per set last season while Madi was at 2.43 and 2.32 in her final two years (while sharing swings with Laruen Bair). Hannah Davison (Class of 2013) was a great setter during her career, averaging 8.06 assists per set in her senior season. Emily McComb (Class of 2012) averaged 4.14 digs per set and replaced Geer nicely after her graduation.

We hit on nearly all of the basketball standouts of the decade, but I do think Josh DeGase (Class of 2017) and his senior year deserves mentioning. He virtually came out of nowhere with his 15.0-point and 8.6-rebound per game average during his senior year.

In softball, there are a few others definitely worth mentioning, including Addy Shane (Class of 2019), Klarissa McElroy (Class of 2015), Karyee Buch (Class of 2014) and Emily Beadle (Class of 2014). All had some gaudy numbers during the course of their careers.


Before diving deep into the numbers, I was thinking of six names here: Jenny Bair, Kaylee Buch, JJ Clark, Jaedra Moses, Tyler Steeve and Laura Steinauer. They were all just so dang good at multiple sports. But…

I cannot disagree with the public when they roll with JJ Clark. Division I football recruit, state top three in wrestling TWICE, state champion and three-time medalist in track and a very good baseball player. That’s a heck of a profile. At this point, as he holds nearly a 100-vote lead, he looks to be your pick. And again, I’m not going to disagree.


We will get Coon Rapids-Bayard rolling either this afternoon or Friday afternoon, and I’ll have a blog on them either Monday or Tuesday. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead – with the wedding of my brother-in-law. At some point, things will slow down for me. Haha…yeah right!

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