(Fort Dodge) -- 13 KMAland runners and three KMAland teams took home hardware from the 2019 State Cross Country Meet held at Lakeside Municipal Golf Course Saturday afternoon. 

Girls 1A

The Western Iowa Conference flexed their muscle to the entire State Saturday afternoon and can now lay claim to the 1A individual champ, two of the top three teams and four medalists in Saturday's race.

Tri-Center's Peyton Pogge finished her junior campaign undefeated and with a state championship. Pogge controlled the race from the opening gun and clinched the title in a time of 18:45.4 

"It's an unbelievable feeling," Pogge told KMA Sports, "I told myself to use the hills, I have a good advantage on hills. It feels amazing, what a great season." 

Pogge's individual title crown comes a year removed from her second place finish to Bedford's Emma Lucas after leading the early stage of the race. According to Pogge, last year's result weighed heavy on her mind coming into Saturday.

"I was so nervous," Pogge said, "My coach just told me to remember what happened last year,"

While Pogge cashed in on an elusive state title, the Logan-Magnolia girls kept their hold on the Class 1A girls state title, compiling 112 points to win the team title for the second consecutive year. 

"They had a great season, It was a fun year," Logan-Magnolia Coach Kelly Kersten told KMA Sports, "They were able as a team to put it together. They wanted to do well for each other."

Taylor Sporrer and Kylie Morrison both medaled for the Panthers with respective finishes of 13th and 15th. The other Lo-Ma runners included Violet Lapke (17th), Courtney Sporrer (32nd), Mya Moss (102nd), Erica Nolting (106th) and Marissa Brenden (113th).

"This is the dream team," Taylor Sporrer said, "To have these girls by my side and go back-to-back state titles is amazing." 

"I don't even have words to fathom what is," Morrison said, "It's been amazing." 

Logan-Magnolia was not the only WIC team to reach the deck Saturday afternoon. The Panthers were joined by AHSTW, who tallied 142 points, edging fourth-place Aplington-Parkersburg by four points. 

"It feels awesome," AHSTW Coach Jenny Hamilton told KMA Sports, "We're fortunate to have really good competition in our conference. We didn't really base goals off of other teams, just did the same thing we did all season. I knew they left their best out there and it's really cool that we finished top three."

AHSTW's third-place finish was highlighted by an eighth-place finish from Ryann Portch, in her first year of cross country for the Lady Vikes. 

"I had my highs and my lows and I'm glad it ended on a high," Portch told KMA Sports. 

Chloe Falkena finished 20th for AHSTW, Julia Kock was 51st, Holly Hoepner took 61st and Jade Draman finished 95th. 

Nodaway Valley finished eighth in the team standings. Sophia Broers paced the Wolverines with a 14th place finish to get on the medal stand. 

"I knew I was in 14th," Broers said, "But I didn't know where the other girls were at, so I was kind of freaking out." 

Complete results from area qualifiers as well as full video interviews with Broers, Sporrer, Morrison, Pogge, Coach Hamilton and Coach Kersten can be viewed below.

1A Girls Area Individual Results: 1st. Peyton Pogge (Tri-Center), 8th. Ryann Portch (AHSTW), 13th. Taylor Sporrer (Logan-Magnolia), 14th. Sophia Broers (Nodaway Valley), 15th. Kylie Morrison (Logan-Magnolia), 17th. Violet Lapke (Logan-Magnolia), 19th. Grace Slater (Audubon), 20th. Chloe Falkena (AHSTW), 32nd. Courtney Sporrer (Logan-Magnolia), 38th. Reagan Weinheimer (Nodaway Valley), 46th. Carly McKeever (St. Albert), 51st. Julia Kock (AHSTW), 55th. Jaelyn Knutson (Melcher-Dallas), 59th. Gabrielle Valencia (East Union), 61st. Holly Hoepner (AHSTW), 76th. Lilly Day (Nodaway Valley), 95th. Jade Draman (AHSTW), 96th. Abby Engles (Nodaway Valley), 97th. Mallory Kuhns (Nodaway Valley), 106th: Erica Nolting (Logan-Magnolia), 108th. Hannah Thygesen (Audubon), 113th. Marissa Brenden (Logan-Magnolia), 126th.Erin Ford (Nodaway Valley), 132nd. Jordan Blotzer (AHSTW), 134th. Madison Van Otterloo (Nodaway Valley), 138th. Grace Luna (AHSTW). 

1A Girls Area Team Results: 1st. Logan-Magnolia, 3rd. AHSTW, 8th. Nodaway Valley 

Boys 1A

Nodaway Valley senior Joshua Baudler finished his career by giving longtime Coach Darrell Burmeister something he had never had: an individual champion in the boys race. Like Pogge, Baudler redeemed his runner-up finish from a year ago and captured the state title in convincing fashion in a time of 16:11.

"A lot of emotions, I crossed that finish line and it felt amazing, it was really emotional," Baudler said. 

Baudler's championship performance paced Nodaway Valley to a second place finish as a team. The Wolverines scored 107 from Baudler, Tyler Breheny (22nd), Toby Bower (30th), Ben Breheny (36th) and Doug Berg (61st). 

Sidney senior Noah Jorgenson capped off his high school career with a runner-up finish. Jorgenson ran a 16:25 to secure the silver medal. 

"Just an awesome experience. Great end to the season," Jorgenson said. 

St. Albert's Bennett Heisterkamp finished in fourth to nab the first medal of his career. Heisterkamp's finish also guided the Falcons to a seventh place finish as a team. 

"Last year I was 24th, It was definitely one of my goals to medal and get here on the porch," Heisterkamp said, "It definitely fueled me. I knew I needed to work harder and harder to get here." 

KMAland's other 1A boys medalist came courtesy of Southeast Warren's Randy Jimenez, who finished fifth. 

"I was a little nervous, seeing all these great runners around. I always bring more to the table then I think I can, so I was really happy with my time and place." Jimenez said. 

Tri-Center finished 11th in the team standings with 232 points. Brett McGee highlighted the Trojans' day with a 17th-place finish. 

Complete results from area runners as well as video interviews with Baudler, Jorgenson, Heisterkamp and Jimenez can be found below.

1A Boys Area Individual Results: 1. Joshua Baudler (Nodaway Valley), 2nd. Noah Jorgenson (Sidney), 4th. Bennett Heisterkamp (St. Albert), 5th. Randy Jimenez (Southeast Warren), 17th. Brett McGee (Tri-Center), 22nd. Tyler Breheny (Nodaway Valley), 23rd. Emery Sage (Melcher-Dallas), 30th. Toby Bower (Nodaway Valley), 34th. Jon Franke (Tri-Center), 38th. Isaac Timmerman (Mount Ayr), 42nd. Quentin Dreyer (IKM-Manning), 51st. Ryan Hughes (St. Albert), 57th. Collin Lillie (St. Albert), 61st. Doug Berg (Nodaway Valley), 87th. Jordan VanNorstrand (Tri-Center), 98th. Hadyn Piskorski (St. Albert), 99th. Nate Wright (Woodbine), 100th. Joey Wohlers (Tri-Center), 103rd. Dean Robinson (Tri-Center), 104th. RC Hicks (Wayne), 113th. Jason Mardesen (St. Albert), 118th. Adam Denny (St. Albert), 122nd. Sean McGee (Tri-Center), 125th. Chase Morton (St. Albert), 127th. Mason Menefee (Nodaway Valley), 134th. Caiden Bryant (Tri-Center), 138th. Lucas Van Otterloo (Nodaway Valley), 

1A Boys Area Team Results: 2nd. Nodaway Valley, 7th. St. Albert, 11th. Tri-Center 

Girls 2A

ACGC's Kate Crawford and Rylee Sloss medaled with respective finishes of third and 14th in the Chargers' fifth-place finish in the team standings. 

"It's so much better than coming here alone," Crawford said, "I'm so proud of them to be able to run strong and help us to a fifth place finish." 

Clarinda freshman Mayson Hartley finished 24th in her first trip to state, Treynor senior Tori Castle finished close behind Hartley in 26th.

Complete results from area qualifiers as well as interviews with Crawford and Sloss can be found below.

2A Girls Area Individual Results: 3rd. Kate Crawford (ACGC), 14th. Rylee Sloss (ACGC), 24th. Mayson Hartley (Clarinda), 26th. Tori Castle (Treynor), 30th. Kiersten Knobbe (ACGC), 54th. Brenna Godfread (Shenandoah), 62nd. Jordyn Reimer (Underwood), 80th. Sarah Gilbert (ACGC), 94th. Jorja Hoover (ACGC), 106th. Alyson Embleton (ACGC), 130th: Jenna Stringer (ACGC), 132nd. Taylor Lemke (ACGC) 

2A Girls Area Team Results: 5th. ACGC 

2A Boys 

Central Decatur's William Gillis paced all area runners with a 16th place finish. Baylor Bergren (Red Oak) was 25th and Treynor finished 25th as a team.

2A Boys Area Individual Results:16th. William Gillis (Central Decatur), 25th. Baylor Bergren (Red Oak), 44th. Cole Dooley (Treynor), 89th. Jacob Reelfs (Treynor), 96th. Derrick Thompson (Treynor), 99th. Ryan Konz (Treynor), 101st. Justin McCunn (Red Oak), 119th. Mason Yochum (Treynor), 127th. Jacob Hrasky (Treynor), 

2A Boys Area Team Results: 15th. Treynor

3A Girls

Creston's Braelyn Baker became the first girls' runner in school history to medal and Creston's first medal from either race since 2006. Baker ran 19:16 to finish 14th. 

"I didn't even think about when I started the race, so I'm very happy." Baker said.

Harlan finished fourth as a team. Lucy Borkowski paced the Cyclones with a 19th place finish. 

Complete results from area runners as well as an interview with Baker can be found below. 

3A Girls Area Results: 6th. Amber Aesoph (Bishop Heelan), 14th. Braelyn Baker (Creston), 19th. Lucy Borkowski (Harlan), 26th. Grace Mahaney (Bishop Heelan), 35th. Taylor McCreedy (Atlantic), 41st. Abby Alberti (Harlan), 48th. Rachel Mullenax (Glenwood), 55th. Liv Freund (Harlan), 58th. Jenna Newburg (Bishop Heelan), 59th. Paige Davis (Creston), 67th. Emma Hughes (Glenwood), 70th. Abi Albertson (Harlan), 77th. Brecken VanBaale (Harlan), 79th. Mia Conley (Bishop Heelan), 82nd. Erin Schultz (Glenwood), 85. Olivia Anderson (Harlan), 94th. Brenna Joyce (Bishop Heelan), 103rd. Ryley Nebel (Glenwood), 110th. Kaitlyn Carnes (Glenwood), 112nd. Lauren Becker (Glenwood), 116th. Karlee Raymond (Glenwood), 117th. Keara Joyce (Bishop Heelan).

3A Girls Area Team Results: 4th. Harlan, 5th. Bishop Heelan, 14th. Glenwood 

3A Boys

Harlan junior Trey Gross capped off his adversity filled season with a state medaled. Gross, who was sidelined earlier this season with appendicitis, finished seventh. 

"I left it all out on the course," Gross said, "I went through a lot of struggles. The whole appendicitis thing made me mentally stronger. That really set me up for today." 

Complete list of area results and an interview with Gross can be found below.

3A Boys Area Individual Results: 7th. Trey Gross (Harlan), 20th. Craig Becker (Atlantic), 43rd. Carlos Rodriguez (Sgt. Bluff-Luton), 65th. Sam McIntyre (Glenwood), 74th. Evan Brummer (Atlantic), 88th. Michael Pottebaum (Kuemper Catholic), 97th. Isaac Jones (Harlan), 98th. Zane Berg (Atlantic), 108th. Drew Engler (Atlantic), 123. Ethan Williams (Atlantic), 128th. Cooper Jipsen (Atlantic)

3A Boys Area Team Results: 14th. Atlantic.

Girls 4A

4A Girls Area Results: 6th. Kaia Downs (Sioux City East), 57th. Karlee Philliips (Sioux City East), 64th. Lillian Garay (Sioux City North), 75th. Katie Lammers (Sioux City East), 76th. Elizabeth Jordan (Sioux City North), 120th. Mariah Morrow (Sioux City East), 121st. Karlie Stoos (Sioux City East), 126th. Lydia Heald (Sioux City East)

4A Girls Area Team Results: 13th. Sioux City East

Boys 4A  

4A Boys Area Results: 9th. Jayson Bouwers (Sioux City North), 27th. Will Lohr (Sioux City North), 35th. Wimach Gilo (CB, Thomas Jefferson), 47th. Collin Greenwell (Sioux City North), 65th. Gabe Nash (Sioux City North), 75th, Ahmed Dido (Sioux City North), 78th. Yemane Kifle (Sioux City North), 85th. Connor Lancial (Lewis Central), 87th. Juan Martinez (CB, Thomas Jefferson), 104th. Aidan Booton (CB, Thomas Jefferson). 

4A Boys Area Team Results: 5. Sioux City North