SWI Duals

(Tabor) -- Red Oak went 3-0, Southwest Iowa has a new leader in career wins and Bedford-Lenox's Drew Venteicher won a state championship-caliber match to highlight Tuesday's action in Tabor on KMA-FM 99.1. 

In dual action, Red Oak made it look easy with victories over Southwest Iowa, Bedford-Lenox and Griswold by respective scores of 60-24, 57-18, and 72-6 and won all of their matches by either forfeit or pin except for one. 

"That was kind of the expectation." Red Oak Coach Tiegen Podliska said, "Go out there, wrestle hard, score a lot of bonus points, limit bonus points. Overall pretty good night." 

Bruce Lukehart was vital in the Tigers' success Tuesday night with a pair of victories.

"I had a good night." Lukehart said, "The first one I had a few shots and got a pin, the next one I just pinned." 

The host Southwest Iowa finished the evening 2-1 with victories over Bedford-Lenox and Griswold by respective scores of 41-38 and 72-6. The Warriors' night was highlighted by senior Colton Hauschild---who went 2-0 on the night and became the program's all-time leader in career wins, surpassing Broc Hansen. 

"It means a lot to me." Hauschild said, "Especially going with the coaches we've had, what they've put in the program. Being able to represent that and get that win means a lot to me." 

Bedford-Lenox finished the evening with a 1-2 record with their lone win coming over Griswold 60-6. However, senior Drew Venteicher and Red Oak's Justin McCunn put on the match of the night.

Venteicher---the No. 3 wrestler at 1A-170 and No. 2 in the KMAland Power Rankings beat 2A No. 3 and KMAland No. 1 McCunn by 5-4 decision. 

"I was just happy we got to wrestle." Venteicher said, "I don't get a lot of competition and I was excited to get that tonight. I knew it was going to a battle. He gave it his all, I gave it my all. It was fun, though." 

Griswold finished the evening 0-3 in dual action.

Complete dual results as full interviews with Hauschild, Venteicher, Lukehart, and Coach Podliska can be viewed below. 

Red Oak 60 Southwest Iowa 24

RO Winners: Chase Sandholm, Dawson Bond, Bryan Erp, Jake Echternach, Zac Guerra, Justin McCunn, Brandon VanHoose, Bruce Lukehart, Carter Maynes, Brandon Erp 

SWI Winners: Kyle Kesterson, Colton Hauschild, Layne Ettleman, Isaiah Carpenter

Red Oak 57 Bedford-Lenox 18 

RO Winners: Chase Roeder, AJ Schmid, Dawson Bond, Jake Echternach, Zac Guerra, Bruce Lukehart, Brandon VanHoose, Carter Maynes, Brandon Erp, Chase Sandholm

B-L Winners: Talon Reidel, Brayden Daly, Drew Venteicher, Devin Whipple

Red Oak 72 Griswold 6

RO Winners: Dawson Bond, AJ Schmid, Bryan Erp, Jake Echternach, Zac Guerra, Justin McCunn, Bruce Lukehart, Carter Maynes, Hunter Portales, Brandon Erp, Chase Sandholm, Jonathon Erp

GRIS Winners: Seth Butler

Southwest Iowa 41 Bedford-Lenox 38

SWI Winners: Spencer Baier, Colton Hauschild, Hadley Reilly, Chance Roof, Samuel Daly, Dawson Erickson, Kyle Kesterson

B-L Winners: Terrence Sheley, Talon Riedel, Jake Cox, Jesse Lawson, Drew Venteicher, Devin Whipple, Mizael Gomez

Southwest Iowa 72 Griswold 6

SWI Winners: Kyle Kesterson, Spencer Baier, Lincoln Osborne, Layne Ettleman, Colton Hauschild, Devin Fichter, Hadley Reilly, Estacio Sanchez, Chance Roof, Isaiah Carpenter, Justin Wells, Dawson Erickson

GRIS Winners: Seth Butler

Bedford-Lenox 60 Griswold 6

B-L Winners: Chance Valenzuela, Terrence Sheley, Talon Riedel, Jake Cox, Johnathan Weaver, Drew Venteicher, Jesse Lawson, Devin Whipple, Mizael Gomez

GRIS Winners: Seth Butler