Isaac Birt signs with Graceland

(Red Oak) -- Red Oak’s Isaac Birt was locked between two choices. One of those would put him in a comfortable spot surrounded by many friends. The other provided an opportunity to continue his basketball career.

In the end, he couldn’t pass up the chance to hoop at Graceland.

“All my friends were going to Iowa Western,” Birt told KMA Sports. “Should I go closer to my friends or do something you only get one chance at? I had to choose Graceland. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t.”

The Tigers standout posted a strong senior season, averaging just under 11 points per game while also leading Red Oak in assists and ranking second on the team in steals. That success caught the eye of former Treynor basketball star A.J. Gordon – now an assistant at Graceland.

“They contacted me around October,” Birt said. “I really like the campus, and I kind of like how (Lamoni) is kind of like my hometown. They have a really good program, and their coaches are really great.”

While there was plenty to like about the school and the program, Birt still fought with his decision up until recently.

“I’ve been back and forth with it, debating on if I should,” he said. “I just knew that if I didn’t do it I would regret it. I know I made the right choice.”

Birt hopes to make an impact as soon as possible with the 2018 NAIA National Champions.

“I’ve followed them since they won the championship,” he said. “I remember seeing on ESPN, the buzzer beater they won on. That was pretty cool because not too long after they contacted me, and it made me think that could be me.”

Birt made his comments on Wednesday’s KMAland Catch Up. Listen to the complete interview linked here.