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(KMAland) -- Ninety-one percent of a thousand people surveyed across the nation say they are still shopping for groceries in person.

Here are some of the other food-related things people have been up to during the pandemic says Breanna Ellison from the University of Illinois.

“The other thing they did most often was to order takeout from a restaurant. We saw 63.5% of people reported ordering takeout from a restaurant in the last two weeks. Things that were less common were eating at a restaurant sitting indoors. Eating a restaurant sitting outdoors and shopping for groceries online. For each of those about a third of people reported doing them in the last two weeks.”

That last two weeks was back in September. Interestingly, because the survey was nationwide, a higher proportion of people in the Midwest and the south were far more likely to eat indoors at a restaurant. Although, that number wasn't very big says Ellison.

“And then when it came to eating at a restaurant and sitting outdoors, we saw the largest share of people doing this in the northeast region.”

Here are the take-aways Ellison pulled from the surveys. First, people are generally following public health guidance, sticking to essential activities like grocery shopping and limiting non-essential things like going out to eat in restaurants. However, she says Americans are still supporting the industry by ordering takeout even if it is at a lower frequency than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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