Ethanol Pumps

(KMAland) -- Ethanol Interests are battling the oil industry, the Trump Administration and Democrats over unresolved ethanol issues.

Ethanol and corn groups are in court again, this time fighting the oil industry over its bid to undermine President Donald Trump and Environmental Protection Agency’s approval last year of year-round use of E-15.

“We always thought the, sort of, summertime ban on E15 was ridiculous, because as you add more ethanol to E10, and as you make E15, you’re getting a lower volatility," said Renewable Fuels Association Chief Geoff Cooper.

Growth Energy and National Corn Growers have also joined the court fight.

In the meantime, Cooper is urging EPA to swiftly resolve unsettled matters, including 98 pending oil refiner waiver requests at EPA.

“We believe that they need to reject most, if not all, of those petitions. They need to adopt the 10th Circuit decision that came out in January that they’re still dragging their feet on, that would really shut down the Small Refinery Exemption program, altogether. And, by the way, we’re still waiting on a 2021 RFS proposed rule.”

Cooper says the 98 pending waiver requests at EPA could erase another 4.6 billion gallons of RFS blending requirements, eclipsing that already lost from 85 earlier waivers.

And all this comes amid the heat of an election battle, with Cooper’s group e-mailing reporters copies of a Biden release slamming President Trump for EPA waivers.

“The Biden campaign is clearly taking notice of what is going on at EPA with the RFS and saying that it needs to stop. And that’s encouraging to us, and we’re glad to see former Vice President Biden, sort of, putting a stake in the ground on this issue.”

But, Cooper denies RFA is endorsing Biden, and says it won’t get in the middle of another fight where Hill Democrats are attacking Trump Administration efforts to cut Brazil’s import barriers to U.S. ethanol as too political.

Though Cooper says those barriers should come down, as Brazil decides on a new tariff rate quota for imported ethanol by this week.

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