Fremont County History Center

Sandra Bangston is President of the Fremont County Historical Society and director of the excellent Genealogy Library at the museum as well.  It's located at 609 Cass Street in Sidney.

(Sidney)--Call her a family history archeologist.

She's Sandra Bengtson, President of the Fremont County Historical Society and resident genealogy research specialist at the Fremont County History Center in Sidney.

Sandra and her husband, Blaine, reside in Fremont County.

They raised two children, Andrea and Mandy.  Andrea is married to Bill Perkins while Mandy is married to Nathan Speltz. 

Sandra and Blaine enjoy spending time with their three grandchildren.

A native of Fremont County, Sandra has a passion for not only Fremont County History but for the lives of those who passed before us in the southwestern-most county in Iowa. 

She has done much research for folks all over the country who have Fremont County roots, in the spacious loft area of the recently-built Fremont County History Center which also houses Iowa's Championship Rodeo Museum at 609 Cass Street in Sidney.

She loves helping people find the answers they're looking for when it comes to their families' history and heritage.

Sandra encourages people to check out their excellent genealogy library, which includes actual records from the Fremont County Courthouse, some reaching back as far as 1855. 

The library was started by the late Robert Birkby, husband of long-time KMA Homemaker, Evelyn Birkby.

On the way up the stairs to the genealogy library is an impressive assortment of large frames with family photos and rich histories of many pioneer families who lived and worked in Fremont County.

Once up the stairs and in the loft, she says the probate files are one of the best genealogy resources within the library, along with old tax roles, obituary cards, mortuary index cards, newspapers, scrapbooks, plat books, old yearbooks and family genealogy research files as well.

Sandra emphasizes the library at the Fremont County Historical Center is readily available for those who want to do their own individual family research as well-even if it's not during regular hours of operation, she says accommodations will be made to make it happen for those who want to do some "digging" on their own.

The museum is now open from 1pm to 4pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If you'd like more information on the genealogy library, or would like to support the museum in any way, call the Fremont County History Center at 712-374-3248, go to, or     

Also feel free to take a look at Sandra's informative video here at

We thank Sandra for her deep dedication to Fremont County and its people through the Fremont County History Center.

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