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(KMAland) -- The National Pork Board is working to bring the Real Pork strategy to life for all audiences, including multicultural U.S. consumers. According to Jose de Jesus, Senior Director of Multicultural Marketing with the National Pork Board, this audience has a passion and affinity for pork already, so building on that simply makes marketing sense. He says they are also the fastest growing consumer set in the country.

“It's critical for a couple of reasons. Number one, they are heavy pork eaters. They eat a lot of pork and not only that, but they have an affinity for pork, and their love for pork that its unmatched. And so, when you think about pork consumers, your best consumers are multicultural consumers, and those who are Hispanics, Asian Americans and also African Americans because they have an affinity for pork, by and large, that is not seen in any with any other market.”

de Jesus explains the U.S. multicultural consumer has great purchasing power and pork is important to them.

“There's also great purchasing power. This, combined, groups of consumers that I mentioned, the three groups have a combined purchasing power of about four point $4.25 trillion, which is incredible. That's according to Nielsen. Again, there's plenty of reasons why we do this, but we're just trying to add value and making sure that the investment that we're making on behalf of our producers who are funding all these activities, that there's a good ROI on it. We have a focus of strategic focus on these demographics because they are the best customers for pork.”

Keeping pork relevant to the U.S. multicultural consumer means meeting them where they are. According to de Jesus, that includes social media and more direct platforms, to inspire consumers to make it with pork and try new flavors.

“We've worked two of them now, one with Ana Patricia Gáme, we worked with her late last year she had a combined followers of, I don't know, six and a half to seven million people through the social platform. And then the one we're working now has about three or four million followers. And then we also work with other content creators that have hundreds of thousands of followers. So, I think, in a nutshell what it does is, you're influencing people when they say this is good for you, and we give them the facts and they're sort of relying or relaying that to their followers, There's a believability aspect of it, and you see it in the comments for example where people say you know you could do this with pork.”

If you are interested in seeing the Pork Checkoff’s multicultural marketing in action, check out the website Pork Es Sabor.

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