Details for Pond and Skimmer/filter for Backyard pond

Pond set includes:  1  Pro line Pond master Hy- Drive pump, 1 Savio skimmer/filter, 22ft. Of 2” flex pipe that goes from the pump to the waterfall, a piece of new filter, and ultraviolet light to put inside the filter to control algae, A heavy duty small plastic pond do use as a waterfall or extra pond.    Small pump to go in it. Large cover that looks like a rock to go on the skimmer for disguise.   All the above is good working order.  Had 2000 Thousand gallon pond and this set up worked well. All you need to buy is the a liner.  $199 for all.  

Any questions call 712 303 9579

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    Proline And Savio
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