(Des Moines)-- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is eliminating, and re-stocking the fish population in three western Iowa lakes.

Iowa DNR Fisheries Biologist Bryan Hayes joined the KMA Morning Show on Wednesday (9-15) to reveal the reasoning behind the elimination.

"We've got three borrow lakes over here on the western side of the state that we're going to eliminate the fish populations, making way for re-stocking," Hayes said. "Two of these lakes are along Interstate 29. They were actually created when they built the highway system. Folsom (Lake) is up there in Mills County, just north of where Highway 34 intersects with I-29, and that's a 45-acre lake."

Hayes noted that the lake was flooded into by the Missouri River back in 2019 and that the lake has numerous river species of fish within the lake currently. The same scenario has played out in another area lake.

"A little further south is an area called Scott B (Lake), down in Fremont County. It's a smaller project. It's eight acres, a small, little borrow lake," Hayes said.

The final project is located in one of Iowa's state parks.

"We've started a project there in Waubonsie State Park. There's a 10-acre pond there called Lake Virginia. The situation is different there it's not a flooding issue it's a Winter kill issue with Lake Virginia in Waubonsie State Park," Hayes continued. " It's Winter killed three times in the last ten years.

"Last year was a pretty severe Winter kill that just has that fish population all out of whack. We want to re-establish all three of these (lakes) with a combination of bass, bluegill, and channel catfish, just to provide some fishing for the folks here on the western side of the state."

For more information regarding these projects, you can visit the Iowa DNR website at iowadnr.gov. You can click below to hear the full interview with Hayes.

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