• (opening music by the Gyuto Monks) Wow! Isn’t that a cool sound!?!?! Those are the Guyuto Monks of Tibet doing what is known as overtone or throat singing. They believe that the chanting noises they make clear the way to enlightenment and they can do some pretty amazing things with their t…

• I was so excited to get my fist interview on Sandy Chat last week, that I wanted to make it into a two-parter! Mastin Kipp, founder of the Daily Love and author of the new book “Growing into Grace” in the second of two parts of talking with him.

• Today I’ll share something that’s going on with me right now in the hope that it might help someone else going through anything similar.

Reminder – you can LISTEN to the whole show with the interactions with Dean, Don and Sandy by clicking the link above. Enjoy!

This week I’d like to talk about a topic that gets thrown around a lot, and yet I find a lot of people are a bit unsure what it means and struggle to do it… Loving YOURSELF. I’m getting on my soap box now – so get ready!!!!!