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We love living, working and playing in KMAland

(KMAland) -- Welcome to a brand new section on, about KMAland.

You may be asking where is KMAland?  Geographically speaking, KMAland is a region covering portions of 4 states with some approximately 25 county seats. The heart of KMAland is nestled deeply in southwestern Iowa, specifically Page County.

But KMAland is more than a geographic region. KMAland represents a way of life, a place where 'neighbors help neighbors' and a place where 'the work ethic still works'.

KMAland is a wonderful place to live, work and play and it still may be one of the best kept secrets in America.  The heart of KMAland is a bedroom community for Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City.

KMAland is a place where the cost of living is exceedingly low and crime rates are even lower.  KMAland is a place you need to explore! 

In this new section, we intend to feature what it means to live in KMAland. We will showcase, through a variety of resources, just a few of the highlights this region offers families and businesses wanting to grow and become a part of someplace special.

As we launch our section, we are initially focusing on Page County, Iowa.  As we move through the weeks ahead, other treasures from KMAland will be revealed.  We hope you check back regularly.

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