Sweet Corn

(Griswold) -- Amos Family Sweet Corn and Produce are making their way through KMAland selling their homegrown sweet corn as well as tomatoes.

Clay Amos says the sweet corn season, for the most part has been a success. However, Amos said the "strange weather season" has caused them to rely heavily on their irrigation system through the dry late-spring months.

"We actually have an irrigation system out there on the farm and it covers all the ground we plant the sweet corn," Amos said. “We had a really dry May… so we were running that pretty frequently. We dumped anywhere from six to nine inches of water on all the corn plantings we had in the ground at that time.”

Amos did add, however, that their system has been down for about a month-and-a-half now. While the rainfall has been accompanied by severe weather, Amos says the rainfall was a huge need to keep the sweet corn season alive.

“The rain we’ve gotten here over the past few weeks has been a huge blessing," Amos said. “It has pretty much saved the crop, so it has been very nice to have this rain the last few weeks.”

While the summer months are peak sweet corn season, Amos says barring any early frost, they intend to keep selling into the early-fall months.

"This year we actually planted quite a bit more sweet corn for later season corn," Amos said. “If we don’t get a really early frost or anything like that, we potentially will sell sweet corn all the way through September.”

Trucks selling the Amos' sweet corn can be found just off of Highway 6 in Atlantic, just north of McDonald's in Red Oak, at the Casey's on the south side of Clarinda, and in Council Bluffs at the Phillips 66 gas station just across from Mercy Hospital. A stand can also be found in Griswold just down the street from the funeral home at Bob Amos' home.

All updates on if they won't be selling at certain locations can be found on the Amos Family Sweet Corn and Produce Facebook Page.

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