Proposed Shen senior housing complex

Andrew Danner, principle with North Star Housing, LLC, displays rough drawings of a proposed 40-unit senior housing complex at 1401 West Sheridan Avenue during a Shenandoah City Council meeting Monday evening.

(Shenandoah) -- Plans for a multiunit housing complex for seniors were unveiled at a special Shenandoah City Council meeting Monday night.

By a 4-0 vote, the council approved a voluntary annexation for property at 1401 West Sheridan Avenue in Fremont County into city limits. Plans call for construction of a 40-unit apartment complex at that location. Andrew Danner, a principle with North Star Housing LLC, presented rough sketches of the proposed facility during a public hearing. Danner told the council the three-story, 50% brick building will hold two-bedroom units for residents age 55 and older.

"We'll have a fitness room, we'll have a commons area, a three-story elevator building, so that there will be elevators," said Danner. "We'll have a common area kitchen, that kind of thing, if they want to do a potluck or an event, something like that. Each individual unit will have a washer and dryer in them, stove, heater, range, all that kind of stuff. Everything is supplied with it, so that they won't have to bring in their own."

Danner says landscaping will help buffer some of the noise from nearby traffic on Highway 59.

"We'll try to do that with the landscape buffers, with the trees, and some mounds and things like that," he said. "But, obviously, the insulation in the windows in the facility should help deaden a lot of that. We do projects like that in urban and rural environments. We haven't seen a lot of noise issues close to the highway."

While no parking garages are planned, Danner hopes car ports can be placed near the complex. Danner estimates each unit will be 900 square feet. Both affordable and market rate units will be available.

"So, we'll have units for 30% of the area income--meaning if you're on Social Security, or disability or something like that, and you're only getting $800 a month," said Danner, "our rents for that will be $330 a month. That will include everything but your utilities. Then, our 40% AMI levels will be right around $490 a month. Then, our 60% AMI are around $640. Our market rates will be right around $700."

With the annexation approved, the project awaits another hurdle. Council members will hold a public hearing next Tuesday evening at 6 on an amendment to the highway business district provisions in the City Code to include uses allowed in RM--residential district multiple family and RA--residential district apartments. Shenandoah City Administrator A.J. Lyman says the planning and zoning commission recommended the rezoning amendment at a recent meeting. Danner says the rezoning amendment is necessary in order for the company to apply for state funding for the project. Notification of a state award is expected in July.

Construction is expected to begin next spring and take approximately 12 months to complete. North Star Housing is the same company that developed the Nebraska City Senior Patio Homes project in Nebraska City.

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