Cindy Allely-Arman

Cindy Allely-Arman

(Shenandoah) -- Shenandoah voters elected Cindy Allely-Arman to fill the city council's at-large seat in Tuesday's elections, and now Arman says she can't wait to get started in her new position.

A Shenandoah native, Arman picked up 472 votes and defeated incumbent Aaron Green who had 454 votes, as well as challenger Jennifer Elliott who finished with 110 votes. Arman says her interest in running for the city council came back in 2016 when she was among four residents seeking to be appointed to fill the first ward council seat that was vacated by the late Don Gibson's passing in April of that year. The council at that time ultimately chose Don's wife Rita Gibson to fill the remainder of his term.

"When Rita's husband passed away, that's when I actually was going to go for the council," Arman said. "Also, I grew interest by getting more involved in the community with volunteering, working for the school, working for the college, working for Pella, I went back to school and opened up my own salon here in Shenandoah. I am a hometown girl and this is where I want to be. This is where I raised Macy and my family is here. It's just very important to me to always see it grow and become better."

Arman says she was pleased to see a lot of interest in the at-large council race with three candidates running for the position.

"I think that is awesome," Arman said. "My goal in the future is to get more people interested in these positions so that our residents have options and can make their voices heard."

Arman adds she's looking forward to getting settled into her new role as a city councilwoman, and that she has several priorities once she takes office.

"First and foremost I believe communication is key," Arman said. "I believe that by making things more transparent that it will help the community. In order to do that, I would love to give the public opportunity for input. That may be by calling town hall meetings on a regular basis, and by suggesting super board meetings every three months, which would be open to the public. That would include our school board, county supervisors and city council members."

Arman won't be the only new face to join the city council. Ward 2 challenger Jon Eric Brantner was able to defeat longtime incumbent Bob Burchett by a 201-189 margin. Full election results from Page County can be found here.