(Rock Port) -- Atchison County is among the leaders in Missouri in terms of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Atchison County Public Health Administrator Julie Livengood tells KMA News only one other county in Missouri has a better percentage of residents receiving their first vaccine shot under phase 1A.

"Atchison County is ranking second in the state for percent of population who have had their first doses received," said Livengood. "So, we are at 20.3%--that puts us second behind Shelby County. In our first COVID-19 doses administered, we are 1,042 doses."

Additionally, 172 residents have received a second COVID vaccine shot, for a total of 1,241 doses administered thus far. In comparison, 15.6% of Nodaway County residents have received their first doses, while the first dose rate among Holt County residents is 14.3%. In Worth County, it's 18.3%. Livengood says her office is pleased with the vaccination process thus far.

"We feel really fortunate that we are able to reach the majority of people so far," she said. "We first put out an on-line signup, and got over 700 people interested. We made it through that signup form, and we are still working through that signup form to get the rest of them finished."

Livengood also notes positive progress in the number of coronavirus cases in the county. For the first time since June 22nd, Atchison County has no active COVID-19 cases reported. A total of 422 cases have been reported in the county since the virus first hit KMAland last March. She credits the drastic drop to a number of factors.

"We are seeing less testing," said Livengood. "So, that makes your cases and percent of positivity rate lower. We feel like people are doing a great job of taking those precautions that we've been promoting since March."

Livengood, however, says her office continues working to mitigate COVID-19. Anyone with questions regarding vaccinations or testing should call the Atchison County Health Department at 660-735-4121, or check the department's Facebook page.

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