Audubon choir

(Audubon) --  The Audubon high school choir despite a tough year is sharing their voices with KMAland.

This year the Audubon high school choir has had to adapt to new ways of sharing their sound. This includes the state small and large group format, which is virtual this year.

“We are working on all kinds of solos, duets, triple trios, and all kinds of fun stuff and kids are working hard,” choir director Tami Meiners said. “Since it’s a COVID year we are sending everything in recorded. They are not actually in front of the judge, but the judge watches it later and we get comments and ratings.”

While preparing for the state competition the choir is gearing up for their spring concert. The Festival of Choruses is set for May 3 at 5:30 and then followed immediately by The Festival of Band at 7 pm. All choir and band members in grades 5-12 will perform.

“We are so excited to sing for real people, like real humans in the seats, so that will be so fun,” Meiners said. “We had a concert back in February and that was good so this will be so much fun.”

Even during the summer months the choir continues to be active. Members of the choir typically attend the KC Worlds of Fun Music Festival, but with the pandemic it has been cancelled.

“We try to go to that once every four years. It is very nice because everything is paid for them. We get wristbands for food all day and drink and all that good stuff,” Meiners said. “Then at the end of the day they perform there for a contest, which is awesome.”

To help pay for this future event the choir is doing a fundraiser where they will do a virtual singing telegram. Participants can purchase a $10 personalized telegram to send someone a happy birthday song or something special. To find out more about the telegrams click here. Tami Meiners appeared on KMA’s AM in the AM program on Tuesday morning and to hear the full interview click below.

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