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(Des Moines) -- Coronavirus is a threat to everyone--including the nation's veterans.

That's why Iowa Congresswoman Cindy Axne is voicing concerns over veterans' care during the COVID-19 outbreak. Earlier this week, the West Des Moines Democrat sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to get more clarity and assistance for veterans as the virus continues its spread across the country. Speaking on KMA's "Morning Line" program Wednesday morning, Axne says she wants assurances that veterans are getting the health care services they need during the crisis.

"I'm so grateful for the services our veterans have provided this country," said Axne. "I just want to make sure they've got all the equipment, the personal protective equipment that the folks that are serving our veterans need in the veterans hospitals, that we are actively engaging, and making sure they practice good, healthy choices, to make sure we're keeping our veterans safe and away from coronavirus."

Axne expresses concerns that V-A hospitals and clinics are equipped to handle coronavirus-related issues. She says such facilities face challenges in taking care of veterans.

"The deal when we're putting so many people in one location like we have in our hospitals with our veterans," she said, "is that there's a higher propensity for folks to be able to contract the disease. And, we're trying to keep health care workers safe, as well as the veterans. So, that's my big concern--is to make sure that the processes are in place, that the procedures are happening, that the safety mechanisms that we know work against the epidemic are being used, and that they're keeping our veterans as healthy as they possibly can."

The congresswoman says her letter is also a checkpoint to make sure health care workers in the facilities are protected, and are taking precautions, as well. Axne hopes to hear a response from the V-A later this week.

A copy of the congresswoman's letter to the V-A is published here:

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