Clarinda Police Chief Keith Brothers

Clarinda Police Chief Keith Brothers

(Clarinda) -- With another winter weather event targeting KMAland, Clarinda's police chief is hoping for improved compliance with the city's snow removal ordinance.

Keith Brothers is once again reminding residents of the ordinance, which entails a community-wide ban on on-street parking with two inches or more of snow. No parking will be allowed on streets throughout Clarinda until the snow ceases to fall and the streets have been plowed curb to curb. Brothers issued a similar reminder before the first blast of winter weather prior to last weekend. Brothers gave residents a passing grade in terms of compliance in an interview with KMA News.

"Let's say we're going to grade it out as excellent, acceptable, needs improvement or unacceptable," said Brothers, "I would give it, for the first go-round, acceptable--it would be acceptable on the high end."

Brothers says officers were busy writing parking violation tickets following last weekend.

"We issued approximately 20 citations for failure to comply with the city of Clarinda's snow removal ordinance," said Brothers. "I didn't think it was that bad, given the fact that it was the first snow event of this winter season. So, I'm satisfied with it. It could be better, but 20 is certainly better than it has been on numerous other occasions."

The chief adds a softer winter in comparison to last year's historic season is another factor behind the improved compliance.

"So far this winter, you certainly can't compare the winter of '18-19 to the winter of '19-20," said Brothers. "As you know, last winter was far more severe than this winter has been so far. Our numbers are certainly going to be down, so that certainly plays into that."

Brothers says those in violation of the parking ban will be assessed a $30 parking ticket and will be responsible for all towing and storage fees.