Clarinda Lied Recreation Center

Clarinda Lied Recreation Center

UPDATE: 9:52 A.M. Thursday, October 14th, 2021

(Clarinda) -- Patrons of Clarinda's Lied Recreation Center won't be able to use the facility for a while.

Lied Center Director Carson Riedel tells KMA News the facility is closed until further notice because of a malfunction in its fire alarm system. Riedel says problems developed late Wednesday evening.

"Around 9 o'clock, we had a call from the local public safety (officials), stating that our fire alarm was going off here," said Riedel. "So, we ran down. There was no emergency, I mean, the alarm hadn't been pulled or anything. It had just decided to go bonkers, I guess."

Riedel says the company that installed the system has been called in to troubleshoot and fix the problem. He's hoping the center would be reopened before the end of the day Thursday. Like other facilities across the state, Clarinda's center continues to rebound from last year's closing due to COVID-19. Riedel says all goes well.

"We've made some small improvements, and taken on some challenges along the way," he said. "I think COVID's still an issue that concerns us. We make sure we keep our eye on that situation as we go along. But, youth programs have been great. Our itty-bitty program, which is our pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade program, each of them--basketball, soccer, flag football--we've had hundreds of kids out. T-ball, as well."

Riedel says the center also recently changed its wellness programs.

"It used to be our fitness program," said Riedel. "We decided that the term 'wellness' was a little bit more inviting. We have a new wellness coordinator in Val Stickler, who's doing a tremendous job. She brings some different things to the table with her yoga and meditation approach to wellness. So, that's going really well."

While saying wearing masks is encouraged at the facility, it is not required. More information on Clarinda's Lied Recreation Center is available from the facility's website.

ORIGINAL STORY: 5:48 A.M. Thursday, October 14th, 2021

(Clarinda) -- Clarinda Lied Recreation Center officials say the facility will be closed beginning this (Thursday) morning for an undetermined amount of time.

Center Director Carson Riedel says the closing is due to a failure of the building's fire alarm system. Riedel says it's the best interest of public safety to remain closed until the alarm issue is resolved.

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