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(Council Bluffs) -- Council Bluffs school officials are making a last-ditch effort to boost enrollment in an online education option.

Today (Wednesday) was the deadline for enrollment into the Council Bluffs Virtual School. Dr. Corey Vorthmann is the district's chief academic officer. In light of the continuing coronavirus pandemic, Vorthmann tells KMA News the district wanted to make sure families and students had as many learning opportunities available in the fall as possible.

"One of the options that's allowed by the Iowa Department of Education is for local school districts to apply to become an accredited online school--which we did," said Vorthmann. "That will allow our students, as well as any student in the state of Iow that wishes to open enroll, to take advantage of our online academy starting in the fall."

Vorthmann says the virtual school is unique, in that it will provides students in grades K-12 with both on-demand and real time instruction through Google classroom and Google Meet applications.

"Students will be connected with a live teacher, and with live peers," he said, "through the use of video conferencing cameras in the classroom, that will allow students to interact back and forth, so that students can participate in real time. Or, if their scheduled does not permit it, they'll be able to interact in a delayed-fashion demand when it meets their schedule with all their coursework."

Students enrolled will follow the Council Bluffs district's academic calendar. Anyone interested must complete the state's open enrollment allocation by today (Wednesday). Virtual school enrollment information is available from the Council Bluffs School District's website.

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