Montgomery County Public Health

Montgomery County Public Health

(Red Oak) -- Despite the large rise in cases in certain parts of the county, The Montgomery County health administrator says her county has avoided the large rise.

That's the message from Samantha Beeson in an interview with KMA News. Right now, Beeson says there have been additions to the total case count for Montgomery County.

"We're starting to see just a few more cases, our current case count we set at 1,065, and fourteen of those were just added (at) what will be just two weeks ago this Thursday," Beeson said.

Beeson added the fourteen cases that were added were actually from the fall and aren't counted in the current active case count. According to the state's COVID-19 website, over the past seven days, Montgomery County has had just six positive test results.

Beeson says while the state's COVID-19 website does have Montgomery County around 43% vaccinated, she says the numbers for 18 and older are much higher than that.

"On the Coronavirus website it shows Montgomery County just over 43% vaccinated, but I broke out my own numbers yesterday," Beeson said. "If you look at just the 18-and-older population, we are just over 61% vaccinated."

Beeson says her number gives a slightly more accurate representation of those who are eligible for all three main vaccines including Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson. Meanwhile, Pfizer is the only vaccine approved for 12-to-17 year old children.

While the county health office is no longer doing vaccine clinics and sending their allocations to the hospital, Beeson said there are multiple locations in Red Oak where those wishing to get vaccinated can go.

"We send all of our allocation to the hospital so you can get your doses at Internal Medicine or at the Red Oak Physicians Clinic," Beeson said. "HyVee is also still doing vaccines here in town."

In planning for the upcoming 2021-22 school year, Beeson says they have yet to formally decide on what the guidelines will be, but unless the case rates get worse in the near future, they likely won't change too much from the end of the previous school year.

"We're kind of basing our guidance off of how we ended the school year which is no masks," Beeson said. "We're just kind of treating Coronavirus as another school-based illness so you'll be out 10 days if you test positive with no quarantine, but obviously if we get more cases starting to show up in the area, that may change."

For those seeking more information on the COVID-19 status of Montgomery County or how to get vaccinated, you can find more information by calling the county health office at 712-623-4893, or call your local health officials.

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