Taylor County Public Health COVID-19 vaccinations

(Bedford) -- Efforts continue in Taylor County to vaccinate the public from COVID-19.

Taylor County Public Health is holding the latest in a series of vaccination clinics Saturday at 9 a.m. at the United Christian Presbyterian Church in Bedford. First and second shot doses are available to eligible individuals. Crystal Drake is public health administrator in Taylor and Adams counties. In an earlier interview with KMA News, Drake says the Saturday clinics are provided for those unable to receive a shot during the week. Drake hopes the immunization onslaught continues.

"We're keeping busy," she said. "We're still seeing new people, getting new arms in. We have noticed that there's been a little bit of a decline in people wanting to get vaccinated. We also look at the numbers of people we've vaccinated so far in the county that are eligible for the vaccine, and we're seeing good percentages, meaning Taylor and Adams County residents are showing up, wanting to get vaccinated."

Residents wishing to make vaccination appointments should contact Taylor County Public Health at 712-523-3405, or register online through a link provided here. More information is also available through the Taylor County Public Health Facebook page.

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