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(Percival) -- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have teamed up to create two new wetland habitat areas in Fremont County.

Contractors hired by the Corps recently completed soil excavation work at Cooper Creek Wildlife Management Area west of Sidney and at the Percival Wildlife Management Area on Interstate 29. DNR Wildlife Biologist Matt Dollison says the work was a joint effort to create habitat and provide materials for levy repairs on the Missouri River.

"The Corps of Engineers approached us and asked if we had any sources that they could excavate soil for levy repairs after the 2019 flood," said Dollison. "Those were a couple of spots that we identified that we thought would be great spots for a wetland excavation."

Dollison says the new wetlands will provide habitat for waterfowl, birds and several other species, while also serving as a reservoir for rainwater.

"It was really a win-win where the Corps of Engineers came in with their contractors and excavated a bunch of soil," said Dollison. "They did it exactly how we would have liked to be ideal wetland habitat, to get that shallow water habitat. It was just a real win-win where they got the soil they needed to help repair the levy and also created really nice wetland habitat for us."

Dollison made his comments during the latest "Outdoors in KMAland" segment on the AM in the AM program. You can hear his full interview below.

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