Joni Ernst

(Washington, D.C.) -- Former New York prosecutor Loretta Lynch was confirmed this afternoon as the next United States Attorney General.

Her confirmation came despite a vote against it by Iowa Republican Senator Joni Ernst. In a conference call with reporters Thursday morning, the Red Oak Republican explained why she voted against Lynch's confirmation.

"I have serious concerns with Ms. Lynch's support to uphold President Obama's policies, especially when it comes to executive amnesty. We need a chief legal advisor who will fairly interpret the law and make independent and objective decisions, not based on political motives."

Ernst went on to say she didn't make the decision to vote against Lynch lightly.

"After closely reviewing her testimony, I am not confident that Ms. Lynch will act independently from President Obama when the role requires and therefore could not vote to confirm her as Attorney General."

On another topic, Iowa's junior Senator expressed pleasure with the Senate passing the Justice for Victims of Trafficking on Wednesday. She says the legislation is long overdue in America.

"We can no longer turn a blind eye to the human rights crisis happening across the country. And I'm not talking again about human trafficking in other countries. This is going on right here in the United States."

Ernst told KMA News there's good reason why she's passionate about changing the trafficking trends in this country.

"So as a mom and a grandma and someone who as a young woman volunteered my time in a women's crisis shelter in Ames that dealt with many of these forms of abuse, this is important legislation. So this legislation is very near and dear to my heart. So I was thrilled we were able to move it 99-0 through the United States Senate."

Ernst quoted Missouri Senator Roy Blunt who told her recently that the federal court system in Kansas City prosecutes more human trafficking cases than any federal court in America. She says, "That's too close to home."

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