Essex School District

Essex School District

(Essex) -- Essex school officials are planning the ultimate show-and-tell event next month.

February 21st from 5-to-8 p.m. is the scheduled date and times for the Essex School District's "Come See Our School" event. In a recent interview with KMA News, Essex School Superintendent Dr. Mike Wells says the event is designed to inform the public--and potential students--about the district and its programs. Wells says "Come See Our School" is an offshoot from Community Day held last school year.

"One of the things they did last year was Community Day," said Wells, "where they had a lot of fun activities at the school--mostly for children and our parents to come in and see what our schools are about. We've made a lot of changes already this year, and I don't think people know about the Essex schools and the new programming. So, it will be an event for not just for Essex kids, but neighboring town kids who want to come."

Wells says a number of fun events are planned for the event--including demonstrations of the some of the district's new programs.

"They'll have lasers set up," he said. "They'll have drones, they'll have computer building, they'll have a little scuba station set up, so that kids come in and see for themselves, and actually do some things that represent our school."

The superintendent says the event gives a public a glimpse of the district's uniqueness.

"Essex schools are doing some things that no other schools are doing," said Wells. "They're one of two schools in the area teaching elementary Spanish--most people don't know that. And, we're doing a lot of things like building computers from the ground up in grades 4 and up. They're doing some fascinating things. Our teachers are working really hard, and we want people to know about the Essex community, come to the event--it will be a free event with a meal--and they'll get information about our school if they choose to come, or if they're interested in coming to our school."

Wells says attendees will also see the advantages of a small school district.

"I think a lot of people have the idea that small schools aren't good," he said. "I think if you actually sit down and look at the program Essex offers, it's as good--or not better--than neighboring districts--and we want people to know that. We can offer a great curriculum in a small learning environment for kids--and that's important to us."

Copies of the Essex district's livelier strategic plan will also be available at "Come See Our School." Wells made his comments in a recent edition of KMA's "Morning Line" program.

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