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(Essex) — As Essex celebrates its 150th anniversary, residents are encouraged to plant trees to mark the occasion.

2020 marks the Essex Sesquicentennial and a group of residents is organizing the 150 trees initiative to celebrate and mark the occasion. Pete Wenstrand says the goal is to have 150 trees planted and documented in Essex and the surrounding area.

"We just think that the 150 year anniversary deserves to be recognized and celebrated to recognize our heritage and history," said Wenstrand.  "And maybe more importantly looking forward to our future.  When you plant a tree, you don't reap those results until years down the road, but we think it's a worthwhile initiative.  It's something that can be done by many individuals."

Wenstrand says the challenge is issued to anyone interested.

"It's geared toward a wide range of participants," said Wenstrand.  "It could be individuals, businesses, service groups or more importantly it could be families.  We want to make it part of heritage, but also part of history."

Residents are encouraged to select tree varieties that will last well into the future. Wenstrand says those interested should buy their tree and then send information on where it’s planted to the group through a form.

"They are to purchase their own tree or it could be a hardwood shrub as well," said Wenstrand.  "You may want to research what trees would most likely last the longest.  We would like them to plant it and we would also like them to document that with pictures, addresses and also if they could with GPS locations, so that this information can be compiled and then put together in either a time capsule or in the library for further reference."

Wenstrand says the initiative is open to residents in any part of the Essex School District, including rural residents.

"It could be public or private," said Wenstrand.  "If it's public, you'll need to get permission.  It can also be city or rural.  Anywhere within the Essex Community School District, which is a wide range. That would include just a lot of area.  I know a lot of people who live out of the area, but still have maybe property back home."

Forms will be available at City Hall and at various locations throughout town. Forms can also be obtained by emailing For more information, contact Wenstrand at (712) 370-0341.

A copy of the form is also available below.

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