SpotBowl XIII

(Undated) -- The biggest television event in the United States each and every year is the Super Bowl.

One off-shoot of the big game -- especially for the non-football fans -- is always the commercials that run during the game, which usually take on a life of their own. Dave Shoffner is an advertising expert with, a website that specializes in Super Bowl advertising and picking the best ad each year. Shoffner says advertising for the game has changed a lot since the first game in 1967.

"You can go back to the earliest Super Bowls in the late '60s and '70s and it wasn't nearly the event that it is today," said Shoffner. "It got a sizable viewing audience, but advertisers would run commercials that they might have already aired multiple times throughout the previous years. It was only recently -- in 1984 specifically -- that we started to see it turn into this two-for-one event. It was a football game and it was the ads."

The average price for a 30-second ad in this year's game sits at $5 million. Shoffner says that price tag is well worth it for companies when you consider the audience and the specific attention that's paid to commercials.

"When you think about how many people are watching the game -- last year was 114 million -- that's the record for the most-watched television event in American history and the Super Bowl breaks its own record every year," said Shoffner. "How many people are watching the game and not only watching the game, but watching the ads. The $5 million price tag is actually pretty close from a cost per million standpoint to what an advertiser might give for the Oscars or the Grammys and those are events where people aren't watching the ads; they are fast-forwarding through them."

Of the 47 ads that will air during this year's game, 33 have already been released. Shoffner says a few classics are back.

"Humor is back in a big way this year," said Shoffner. "We're going to be seeing fewer real serious, somber ads, which I think is nice. We always look to Annheuser-Busch to see what they are doing. They've released four of their five spots. They haven't shown us the Clydesdale ad yet, but we do know the Clydesdales will return. Bud has won the last two Spot Bowls with the cute puppy the last two years. The puppy will not return, but the Clydesdales will."

Shoffner adds that you should expect to see plenty of celebrities in the commercials.

"We'll see Alec Baldwin for, Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen have teamed up -- a very funny duo there -- in a Bud Light spot," said Shoffner. "We're going to be seeing Jeff Goldblum for and there's a surprise cameo in there from Lil' Wayne. There are lots of celebrities in this year's game." uses fan voting to declare the best ad of each year. Early voting is underway for the spots that have been pre-released and voting will remain open until Monday at noon for fans to choose their favorite ad. To view all of the pre-released ads and to cast your ballot, visit

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