(Red Oak) -- Fire caused extensive damage to a house in Red Oak late Sunday evening.

Firefighters from three KMAland departments battled the fire at 103 West Hammond Street. Red Oak Fire Chief John Bruce tells KMA News firefighters arriving at the scene at around 8:50 p.m. noticed smoke coming from the house. Then, flames shot from a second floor window.

"Our fire department did an interior attack, where they go inside, and began suppression operations," said Bruce. "Once they got the roof vented, they were able to advance up to the second floor, and contain the fire to a second floor bedroom, and closet area. There's extensive smoke, and water, and fire damage on the second floor, and a lot of smoke and water damage to the first floor. Unfortunately, it looks like this will be a total loss on this residence."

Bruce says occupants in the house and surrounding properties evacuated safely.

"We did have to evacuate the properties to the west and to the east," he said. "We have an apartment building west of this house, and a residence east of the house, and they all sit pretty close to each other. We were able to get those evacuated. We did have one resident and four children in the house. They were able to evacuate with their pets, with no injuries."

Fortunately, Bruce says working smoke detectors alerted the house's occupants of the fire.

"The second floor smoke detector had activated," said Bruce, "and the adult inside went to start up the staircase, and only made it two or three steps, and smelled the smoke, and began to observe the smoke. She did the right thing, and the grabbed the kids, and they all evacuated the house."

The chief thanks neighbors and other residents for their cooperation during the fire.

"I realize it's an inconvenience at a moment's notice from your property," he said. "All those folks did what we asked very quickly, because when you have a working fire, you just don't know what can occur. Those two properties--the one west and the one east--sit very close to that house. Then, we also had another neighbor that had come out with water, and was assisting the firefighters, making sure they were staying hydrated in the staging area. We kind of procured their front yard, if you will, for their staging area."

Firefighters were at the scene until 12:30 a.m. Firefighters from Elliott and Stanton provided mutual aid. Also, Red Oak Police, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, MidAmerican Energy and the Montgomery County Communications Center assisted firefighters at the scene. Bruce says the fire is still under investigation. The American Red Cross assisted the displaced family in finding shelter.