(Clarinda) -- Garage sales are another summer staple in KMAland.

But with COVID-19's continuing onslaught, those sales should look different THIS summer. Page County Public Administrator Jessica Erdman advises residents to consider waiting to hold garage sales until another time, or selling items by other ways online. She says garage sales pose a risk by encouraging public gatherings, physical closeness in confined spaces, and an opportunity for surface disease transfer with the exchange of money, and handling of goods for sale. But, Erdman has recommendations for those still planning to hold the sales.

"We strongly recommend that you hold it outside, rather than an enclosed area, like your garage," said Erdman. "You post signs throughout the sale area, encouraging social distancing--keeping that six-foot distance. Limit the number of customers at one time in your garage sale or yard sale area, making sure they can do the social distancing."

Erdman also recommends masks for both the sellers and the customers.

"Always wear your mask," she said. "You can even request that customers that come to your garage sale wear a mask. Set up a table six feet apart. You're going to want to use heavy-duty duct tape to form a directional flow for customers, so you don't have a lot of customers passing each other."

And, she has guidelines for keeping merchandise clean.

"Make sure that the merchandise is washed and dried, and wiped down with a disinfectant," said Erdman. "Clean tables often throughout the day. If you have chairs or anything like that, make sure to wipe those down. And go ahead and have hand sanitizer for your customers. Make sure it has 60% or more alcohol, though."

Anyone with questions should contact Page County Public Health at 712-850-1212.

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