Glenwood City Hall

Glenwood City Hall

(Glenwood) -- The city of Glenwood had preliminary discussions on how to spend COVID-19 relief dollars.

In a special workshop session last week, the Glenwood City Council discussed potential uses or projects that the city could use American Rescue Plan Act dollars for. Glenwood City Administrator Angie Winquist says the city will receive just over $803,000 over two years, with half having already been received and the other half in 2022. Winquist says the council felt it was time to begin having discussions on how to spend the money.

"We thought it was time to have the first meeting to get some input from council, to see what they were interested in using the funds for," Winquist said. "Then we can start doing some research to see if they fall into the category of what the allowed uses are."

In accordance with the federal program, Winquist says the city has five years to spend the $803,000. During the workshop, Winquist says the council discussed a variety of potential uses.

"They did talk about maybe looking at some broadband issues, water and sewer projects, fire stations and some work done at that location," Winquist said. "They suggested sidewalks, library, downtown revitalization, and we had some interested citizens that joined us, so they gave some input as well."

Also discussed was the "loss of revenue" portion of the program, that Winquist says could go towards the Park and Recreation Department for uses of the park during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also says the fire station is in substantial need of a renovation or potential replacement.

However, she also noted this is a very preliminary stage and more research will need to be done to make sure the proposed projects qualify for the funding.

"I'm going to be researching on some of the wants and to see where they fall in the category of eligible uses," Winquist said. "If they do, then we'll list those for the next meeting, and they can prioritize where they would like to go, which projects, and get some dollars of what it's going to cost to do those projects."

The council also presented their discussion of ARP spending at their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday night.

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