Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley

(Washington) -- Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is calling for action in the U.S. House on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

Grassley was among the Republicans voting in favor of the bill, which passed in the Senate in August by a 69-to-30 vote. In his weekly public affairs program, Grassley says he supported the infrastructure bill in order to help Iowa's aging roads and bridges.

"Iowa's bridges are the worst in the nation of the 50 states," said Grassley. "Twenty-three percent of them are structurally unsound. We need to move very quickly on that infrastructure. Like I said, it's going to be spent over the next five to eight years, and an investment for the next 40 years."

Grassley says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is delaying a vote in the House in order to pass the so-called "human infrastructure" bill, which includes provisions for paid family leave, expanded health care and battling climate change.

"Originally when it went to the House," he said, "she (Pelosi) said they weren't going to pass these bills with all these social programs in it--$4 trillion worth--until it was coupled with the infrastructure bill for roads. She backed off on that, so it ought to go as two separate bills."

Grassley says the infrastructure bill is too important to delay much longer.

"Pelosi shouldn't hold hostage a bill that's an investment in our infrastructure," said Grassley. "Better roads, better bridges, locks and dams, airports, seaports, etc., etc., particularly broadband for rural America. Those are all very important investments that ought to move separately, regardless of what happens to the other bill."

Pelosi told reporters Wednesday the "human infrastructure" measure will likely be less than the $3.5 trillion than originally proposed.

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