Lied Recreation Center

(Clarinda) -- Clarinda residents are being asked for input on the Lied Recreation Center's future.

Iowa State University's Design Lab team is holding a community forum at the Lied Center Wednesday  from 4-to-7 p.m. Residents in attendance will participate in interactive "stations" providing drawings, maps and activities. Clarinda Park and Recreation Director Randy Pullen tells KMA News participants may also ask questions and talk with Design Team members.

"People can stop in and give their opinions about what the Lied Center might do in the future," said Pullen. "If we want to build on, or expand programs, or what they'd like to see. If they want to see more free weights, or treadmills, or bikes. It's just some ideas for a bunch of different people."

Wednesday's event is the culmination of the team's six-month-long study of the center. Pullen says the team's efforts are a starting point for a future expansion and renovation project.

"We've looked at going to the north," he said. "We've looked at going to the east. They came up with different designs that we can look at, and gave us ideas on that. I think there's other things we've been looking at, too. It's probably something we cannot do right now, but it might be something we'll do in four or five years."

While saying the center has a nice pool and other amenities, Pullen says the study highlighted some of the building's needs--such as an expanded fitness area.

"I think the biggest need is a bigger room that houses our cardiovascular equipment, and our weight machines," said Pullen. "I guess we would like to expand that room, and get more machines, treadmills and bicycles. I think that's our biggest need right now."

Pullen says any future expansion would follow recent improvements. Over the past three-to-four years, the center has added an outdoor splash pad to its indoor pool--a $300,000 project. Other projects included a $400,000 heating and air conditioning system and roof repairs.

"We've spent a lot of money in the last few years," Pullen said. "So, we need to recoup some of that before we splurge and start doing something major."

Funding for the ISU Design Lab's study came from a $4,000 match grant from the Clarinda Foundation, a $2,500 donation from Clarinda Regional Health Center, $1,000 from the Carden Group, plus a $500 anonymous donation.

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