Fremont County Secondary Road Department

Fremont County Secondary Roads Department

(Bartlett) -- Motorists in Fremont County will find the going a bit easier, as a major stretch of county road reopens.

Fremont County's Secondary Roads Department plans to reopen a mile-and-a-half stretch of County Road J-10 or Waubonsie Avenue to traffic Wednesday morning at 8. County officials closed the road near Bartlett back in November because of damage incurred from vehicles moving heavy equipment to levee repair sites along the Missouri River. Fremont County Engineer Dan Davis tells KMA News considerable repair work was needed before the road's reopening.

"We took care of the undermining of the pavement," said Davis, "and we did a lot of patching--concrete patches. We also had to fix the slopes. When we originally did these plans, we decided to go ahead and finish it with a granular material, or rock. We're going to come back later, and add topsoil to that. We're actually working on a change order to have the current contractor continue that work. But that work will be off the road. They can flag and do that kind of work.

Despite reopening J-10, Davis says striping work will be necessary later. And, only a temporary crossing is in place at the railroad tracks near the Interstate 29 exit/entrance ramp. Davis says the county has yet to reach agreement with the railroad on a permanent replacement.

"We still don't have an agreement with the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe," he said. "Until we get that, we can't add a change order to this project to complete that paved contract both sides of the tracks."

Davis says reopening the road is a relief to area motorists--especially those near Bartlett.

"You know, I appreciate everybody's patience as much as they could," said Davis. "It's been a battle with funding issues, and contracts, now with grain bins--different things that happened. We'll just try to get it open, and we'll try to keep it open, even when we do the permanent crossing, and see if we can't construct that, you know, one side at a time, and get around. We'll have to see how that goes. I just don't know when that is going to happen yet."

Davis advises residents not to drive on the closed roads until secondary roads crew members remove the barricades.