Clarinda Correctional Facility

(Clarinda) -- An investigation has uncovered materials laced with a dangerous synthetic drug at the Clarinda Correctional Facility.

Iowa Department of Corrections officials Thursday confirmed a recent search of the facility by prison officials and employees detected the presence of K-2 or synthetic marijuana coming through the U.S. mail system. Last week, officials say security, treatment and medical staff at the facility began noticing a sudden increase in the number of inmates experiencing symptoms consistent with those that have consumed a narcotic. The prison began placing those with observable symptoms on a restricted status for medical observation and investigation. Prison officials then requested resources for a large-scale search of the facility in reaction to their observations.

Earlier this week, authorities from six Iowa prisons and the Central Office coordinated a prison-wide investigation and search for illegal narcotics and narcotic-laced materials. At this time, approximately 60 inmates were found to be involved in consumption, possession or the introduction of K-2. Officials say it's a major disciplinary violation in addition to being a major health concern for inmates and staff.

Evidence is expected to be turned over following processing to law enforcement for further investigation and prosecution of those involved. Officials say efforts are being made to adjust the facility's mail system for inmates to receive mail "in a safe and secure fashion."

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