Shanna Golyar

Shanna Golyar

(Omaha) -- A murder case involving two western Iowa women is set to be featured on national television Friday.

NBC's "Dateline" is set to feature the 2012 murder of Cari Farver of Macedonia by Shanna Golyar of Persia. Golyar was sentenced to life in prison for first-degree murder last summer in Omaha. According to court records, authorities believe Farver was murdered in November 2012, but no body was recovered. The dispute between the two women revolved around a man who had previously dated both of them.

Authorities say Golyar committed the murder and then posed as Farver online and through text messages in an attempt to cover her tracks. Authorities say Golyar even set fire to her own home -- killing four pets -- and tried to frame it on the dead Farver. Golyar is currently serving life in prison in Nebraska, plus additional time for arson.

The "Dateline" special is set to air Friday night starting at 8 Central time on NBC.  A preview of Friday's program can be seen below.

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