Lonnie Mayberry

Lonnie Mayberry

(Undated) -- KMA News continues its "Meet the Candidates" series, featuring the candidates running in key races in the June 2nd Iowa Primary. Today's report features the first of three candidates running for two Mills County supervisors' Republican nominations, Lonnie Mayberry.

Born and raised in Mills County, and an Glenwood High School graduate, Mayberry is a licensed land surveyor, and is owner-operator of Land Surveying Systems, Incorporated. Mayberry and wife Monica have four children. First elected to the board in 2012, Mayberry seeks a third term as a county supervisor. Speaking on KMA's "Morning Line" program Friday morning, Mayberry says he's running for reelection because he enjoys working with people.

"I enjoy working for the people," said Mayberry. "When the public calls, and they have a question, I like to give them answers. It's nice. Mills County is a great place to live, and I like to keep it that way."

Mayberry says one of his main goals if reelected is to help foster economic development, in order to rebuild the tax base lost because of the 2019 flooding. Fortunately, he says the Mills County Economic Development Foundation and other groups are working to bring new opportunities to the county.

"WSI has just broke ground in the last year," he said, "at the Bungee interchange with I-29. We have the Eagle Crossing Business Park, which is at the intersection of (Highway) 34 and I-29. That is a state-certified site, or close to it. We keep pushing. There's a good group working, and we keep working together. Sooner or later, we'll make things happen here."

Mayberry says the county continues to work with FEMA to address other lingering issues from last year's flooding.

"It always takes longer than everyone thinks it should--including me," said Mayberry. "When you're dealing with the feds, it's a time thing, and you're kind of at their mercy. We're at the point where we're going to bid on the asbestos removal, and the demolition, and start the buyout process, and actually start writing checks. We're getting closer."

While saying roads and bridges have been improved in the county over the last few years, Mayberry says cost factors will dictate any future infrastructure projects.

"Our roads and bridges are in good shape," he said. "They could also be better. It's expensive. When you're looking a over a million dollars a mile to rebuild a road, or pave a road, our money just doesn't go very far, and we don't have a big tax base here. Most of our tax base is residential. I think everybody is looking forward to putting some industry here in Mills County."

You can hear the full interview with Lonnie Mayberry with the webstory at kmaland.com, as well as on our "Morning Line" page. Tuesday on "Meet the Candidates," we'll hear from the challenger in the Mills County supervisors' GOP race, Sandi Winton.