Mills County Courthouse

Mills County Courthouse

(Glenwood) -- The search is underway for a new Mills County engineer.

Earlier this week, the Mills County Board of Supervisors accepted the resignaton of Cory Gaston, effective August 26th. Gaston submitted his resignation a week earlier, saying he would pursue other interests. Gaston departs after more than a year in the position. Supervisors Chair Richard Crouch tells KMA News Gaston previously served as assistant county engineer for two years.

"He learned the ropes, the ins and outs and things," said Crouch, "but he's decided to move onto bigger and better things for himself. So, that's kind of where we stand now."

In addition to state associations, Crouch says the county plans to advertise the opening in local newspapers. He says word of mouth may help the search, as well.

"Word of mouth always helps," he said. "I was at a meeting the other day. Someone says, 'who qualifies?' I said, 'well, anyone that has an engineering degree would be eligible to work for us.' He said, 'well, I just might throw my hat in the ring.' So, just word of mouth helps out sometime, too."

Crouch was asked when he believes a new engineer will be hired.

"That's the $64 million question," said Crouch. "It just depends. It can happen in a month, it can happen in two. But, a lot of the engineers can be hired for more than what we can offer at a starting salary for engineers and things. So, it makes it tough."

He adds it's not easy being a county engineer.

"Being a county engineer takes a special breed of people," he said. "Because, you get bit on by both sides, the public. Then, you've got your workers. So, it takes a special person to be a county engineer."

Crouch, however, says he's confident a qualified successor to Gaston will be found. More information about the position and other employment opportunities is available from the county's website.

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