Kathy DeVault

(Maryville) -- Representative Mike Thompson of Maryville is stepping down from his House seat and four hopefuls are looking for a chance to make some changes in NW Missouri.

Kathy DeVault has her Missouri nursing home administrator's licence and has been a registered nurse with the Nodaway-Holt R-7 School District for 10 years.

Her plans for the 1st district include job creation. "I think that we need to promote our area. Promote to businesses telling them we have strong people with strong work ethics here in Northwest Missouri. We have a great place for you to come and build a business. I would really love to see somebody go into that Ever Ready building in Maryville and bring some jobs along the way. We need that building to be occupied again." said DeVault.

She also thinks regulations are too harsh for small towns. She said, "I would like for the regulations to be lightened up on our small towns. EPA/DNR regulations, the small tows just can't keep up. The expenses that they are looking at to keep their sewage systems and water systems up to date are enormous. There's no way they can afford to make these changes."

On another topic DeVault supports farmers and the right to farm amendment. She said, "I am 100% standing up for the American Farmer. My husband farms, my dad was a farmer. I understand that agriculture is the number one industry in this state and we need to do what we can to protect farmers. I'm right there, standing up for farmers and I want to make city people understand how important agriculture is."

DeVault says local oversight is needed with education and Common Core. "Right now it's kind of in limbo. I realize Common Core came about for a particular reason. We live in a mobile society, we have students that come and go from different states. It was a desire to have some kind of a common educational program between states but I would stress we need to be sure that our state is keeping an 'umbrella' of oversight over what's going on." said DeVault.

DeVault has a big platform with agriculture, education, health care. She said she is also a voice for women in the 1st district. "I want to be a voice for women. I find a lot of support from women and I think it's time we have a woman from our area in the legislature. I don't know that we've ever had a woman. I haven't gone back to far in history but I think it's time we had one." DeVault said.

DeVault along with the other three candidates are attempting to secure their party's nomination in the August 5th primary. The winner will face off against the lone Democratic candidate Robert Ritterbusch of Maryville in the November general election.

Tomorrow, Stan Sportsman and his plans for the 1st district.

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