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(Red Oak) -- Like other counties, Montgomery County has experienced a recent spike in COVID-19 numbers.

But, County Public Health Administrator Samantha Beeson painted a brighter picture during Tuesday's county board of supervisors meeting. In her COVID update to the board, Beeson indicated the number of COVID cases in the county have dropped over the past few weeks.

"In the last two to three days, we've only had two positive cases," said Beeson. "The last seven days, we've had 14 cases, and the last 14 days, we've had 49 cases. And, some of those tests that were reported were from four weeks ago. So, it's not really a true picture of what's happened the last two weeks."

As of Tuesday, Montgomery County's 14-day positivity rate was 9.2.%, while the seven-day rate was 6.5%. In addition, the county's percentage of fully-vaccinated residents stood at 51.7%. Within those numbers, Beeson says 60.5% of the county's 12-and-under population and 63.8% percent of residents 18 and under are immunized. Another high note is the number of older residents vaccinated--91.3% of the county's 65 and older population are vaccinated.

"There are only probably 10-to-12 counties in the state of Iowa that have 90% of their 65-and-older (population) vaccinated, and we're one of them," she said."

Vaccination efforts continue in Montgomery County. Beeson says each of the county's physicians clinic are providing all three COVID vaccines.

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