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(KMAland) -- With COVID-19 many are avoiding routine vaccinations. This could create several more issues if nothing is done.

August is national Immunization Awareness Month and according to the CDC there are 18 diseases that are vaccinable. The problem is that for the first five months of the year vaccinations in all age groups have decreased.

“So what we are really worried about is that if we don’t get those rates back up there then we are going to see all of these diseases come back on top of COVID-19 which is absolutely what we do not want to see,” Chief Strategy Officer for the Immunization Action Coalition Dr. L.J. Tan said.

Some of those diseases include mumps, meningococcal and others. The biggest concern for most is going to a doctors office to have these vaccines administered. Dr. Tan addressed these concerns.

“When they go out and when they bring their family out to get vaccinated they are going to be safe from COVID-19. The reason for that is because our doctors and healthcare systems have done incredible effort to make sure that when people get vaccinated they are not only protecting themselves against those vaccine preventable diseases but that they are also not going to get COVID-19 as well,” Dr. Tan said.

Dr. Tan also gave an update on the process of a COVID-19 vaccination.

“I’m extremely optimistic that we will have a safe and effective vaccine by the spring of next year. I know some folks were predicting earlier but you want to make sure that going forward that it’s not just effective but also safe and that’s the process the FDA has to go through to look at the data. I'm cautious for spring but optimistic for spring,” Dr. Tan said.

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