Iowa Statehouse

Iowa State Capitol 

(Undated) -- It's just February, but some hot legislative races in November are already shaping up in KMAland.

Two local Democrats announced their candidacies for two southwest Iowa legislative seats during the Iowa Presidential Caucuses earlier this month. Montgomery County Democratic Party Chair Joey Norris seeks his party's nomination in the 12th State Senate District. Covering Page, Fremont, Mills, Montgomery, Taylor and Ringgold counties, the district is currently represented by State Senator Mark Costello. Norris recently told KMA News it was time for him to step into the ring.

"I don't feel like I can set on the sidelines any longer," said Norris. "I don't want to be negative towards Senator Costello, but I think we can just do a lot with that seat with someone who really wants to get things done in Des Moines. I think there's a lot of folks hurting in our little corner of the state, and to have somebody in there who would a champion of those folks would just be so powerful. I think I can do that."

Costello already faces a challenge for the Republican nomination in the June primary from Mills County Supervisor Richard Crouch. Another local Democratic party head also announced her intentions during the February 3rd caucuses. Chris Adcock, who chairs the Page County Democratic Party, seeks her party's nomination in Iowa's 24th House District. Longtime Republican incumbent Cecil Dolecheck currently holds the seat, which covers all of Page, Taylor and Ringgold counties and the southern portion of Montgomery County. Adcock says she wants to fill what she perceives is a void in representation.

"I feel like I'm a good advocate for southwest Iowa," said Adcock. "People aren't being represented in a way that represents their values. I think the Republican party has too much power in the state with their trifecta in the House, the Senate and the governorship. I'm just ready to step up as an advocate, and listen to what people want and need in their daily lives, and help them there."

Legislative candidates may file nomination papers from February 24th to March 13th. March 2nd. through the 25th is the time period for filing petitions for county office.