Pierce Creek Recreation Area

(Shenandoah) -- Page County officials are still troubleshooting issues at an area lake.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources officials notified Page County Conservation earlier this month of a fish kill at the Pierce Creek Recreation Area's lake. Numerous factors contributed to the incident, including low oxygen levels in the water, and a warm water temperature. Since that time, County Conservation Director John Schwab tells KMA News his department is seeking a solution to the lake's issues.

"We have been talking with the NRCS and the DNR about possibilities, different projects we could do to kind of prevent that at Pierce," said Schwab. "But all that is still kind of in the beginning phases. We've got multiple choices of target dredging, even perhaps raising the water level. But, there's a lot of work and kind of a lot of hoops to jump through to get the project going. We're in the beginning stages, but we're definitely looking at doing something out at Pierce to prevent another fish kill."

Schwab says Pierce Creek's situation is similar to that of Pioneer Park Pond, where several fish kills have taken place over the years.

"We're having a lot of the same issues with the two parks," he said, "with the sediment running in, and the depth being just really, really shallow. The good thing with the renovation at Pioneer, it's going to give us a better idea of kind of the costs and the manpower that's going to be associated with a major project. So, it's definitely going to give us a leg up on what we could possibly do with Pierce in the near future."

Recently, the DNR announced that fishing regulations have been relaxed through October 15th in advance of the pond's drainage and renovation. Schwab made his comments in an interview on KMA's "Morning Line" program Monday morning.

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