Page County Courthouse

Page County Courthouse

(Clarinda) -- Seeing how other counties are ending their use of Zoom for meetings, Page County Supervisor Alan Armstrong wondered Tuesday, April 6, if Page County should do the same.

After hearing from various residents about Zoom’s benefits, Armstrong and the other two supervisors agreed to still use the computer program made popular the past 12 months to prevent the spread of COVID -19. The program provides video and audio of meetings to viewers.

“I brought up the question,” Armstrong said. “Do we need to discuss it? I knew it could create some interest or disinterest.”

Armstrong was in favor of continuing Zoom knowing it’s used by viewers.

“I wanted to thank you all for having the Zoom meetings,” said John Millhone. “If you can give an air of transparency for everybody out there. There’s a lot of people who can’t attend because they are working.”

Millhone asked the supervisors if Zoom meetings would end, would they eventually return and under what circumstances. The Supervisors did not respond.

Other comments from audience members, including those watching on Zoom, were encouraging the supervisors to continue the program.

Judy Clark noted the expense the county incurred to use Zoom and the program still prevents the possible spread of COVID-19 with people safely watching on their own. Clark called Zoom a “valuable resource.”

Since last September, the supervisors have uploaded video and audio from their meetings to YouTube, a video-viewing website. Earlier this year, supervisors temporarily suspended uploading the content to YouTube because of technological issues.

Millhone had previously asked to be placed on the agenda to discuss wind and the Board of Health.  That request was denied by Chairman Morris.

Moving forward, Millhone suggested having board members with some sort of medical background due to the nature of decisions they are required to make.

“It would add a lot of credence,” Millhone said about health experience.

The full comments from Millhone can be heard below.

The Supervisors agreed to have public comments begin their meeting rather than end, which has historically been done. Starting with the April 6 meeting, supervisors were willing to make the change. Morris said a concern he has stating with public comments, is having other issues and people on the agenda waiting longer than expected not knowing how many public comments were made.

In other supervisor news…

Matthew Barnes, Chase McAndrews, Tatum Watkins and Micah Grossoehme requested funding from the county for improvements to various cemeteries across the county, knowing some cemeteries are not affiliated with a town. The group had used donated funds from the city of Clarinda for work in its cemetery. Other donations to the group have been made.

The Supervisors did not take any action but will research its funding sources including township officials. Morris suggested asking county employees to contribute to the cause. A letter from the supervisors informing county employees will be written.

Barnes estimated the average cost for headstone restoration is $10.

“It’s amazing what you have done,” Morris said about the group. “Most young people your age don’t give two hoots to holler about that.”

Supervisors approved the use of the courthouse lawn by Scott Davison for a HighRoad concert and Cowboy Church from 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday, June 13. Courthouse restrooms will be open.

Erdman said public health received 900 doses of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID 19 vaccine. Clinics will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, April 10 at the Lied Center in Clarinda and Nishna Valley Christian Church in Shenandoah. Johnson & Johnson is a one-shot vaccination as opposed to two from other manufacturers. Erdman did not know if this brand of vaccine will be available in the county in the future.

Those interested are asked to make an appointment by calling (712) 850-1509.

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