Page County Courthouse

(Clarinda) -- Certain regulations will be in place when Page County's Courthouse reopens to the public next week.

More discussion on courthouse protocol related to COVID-19 standards took place at the county's board of supervisors meeting Tuesday morning. Last week, the supervisors set July 6th as the reopening date. However, only the courthouse's south door will be available to the public for entrances and exits. A door monitor will screen individuals entering the building. While saying keeping track of traffic inside the building will be a team effort, County Supervisors Chair Chuck Morris tells KMA News it's the door monitor's main responsibility.

"The door monitor would assist with that," said Morris, "and would know what the maximum capacity in each office is at any given time, and just do the best job that he or she can do to monitor that. Then also, I would think we would ask our elected officials to advise their staffs that if we miss something at the door, you might gently remind that customer who exceeds that number to wait in the hall until somebody exits."

In addition, a bell will sound in County Recorder Brenda Esaias' office for handicapped individuals in need of assistance. Also, anyone inside the courthouse must wear a mask.

"We are going to require masks in all common areas," he said, "by visitors and employees of the courthouse. In your own space behind your Plexiglas, as employees, you would not be required to wear masks. It's certainly an option for you."

County Treasurer Angie Dow says masks will be important, since directing traffic in and out of each individual office will be impractical.

"We tried that in our office," said Dow. "In reality, no matter how they enter and exit, they're going to be walking by each other. So, I think that's just where the mask comes into play, that we're requiring them to wear masks. So, I don't think we necessarily need to have an entrance, and an exit."

While the courthouse, itself, is reopening, the building's restrooms will remain closed for the time being. Morris once again thanked the public and county employees for their patience during the courthouse's closing.

"Our thanks to all the patrons of Page County," said Morris, "and, certainly thanks to all the great coworkers in the courthouse for managing what has been an extremely stressful time. We're entering a new phase. It won't be without stressers. But, I'm confident that our plan is flexible enough, that it can be adjusted as needed, and that we will continue to serve the taxpayers at a high level."

More information will be emailed to courthouse employees, and distributed to the public later this week.