Red Oak City Council

Red Oak City Council

(Red Oak) -- Preparations continue for the removal of hundreds of trees in Red Oak.

At its regular meeting Monday evening, the Red Oak City Council reviewed bids for removing between 100-to-150 trees in 2020 due to the Emerald Ash Borer's spread in the community. Red Oak City Administrator Brad Wright tells KMA News five bids were received for the project.

"The way we bid this project was on a per-tree basis," said Wright. "That's removal of the tree, grinding of the stump, backfilling with black dirt--regardless of size. There's varying sizes, anywhere from 10 or 12 inch up to 36 inches in diameter, or so. But, the way this was bid was on a per-tree basis."

Wright says Miners Tree Service had the low bid of $475 per tree. However, no action was taken on the bid.

"Miners had not yet supplied us with the documentation that we need, as far as insurance requirements," he said. "There will be a contract he'll need to sign. So, if we get all that in place, hopefully the council will be ready to take action at the next meeting."

Green Tree Company had the second-lowest bid of $590 per tree. In other business, the council approved a memorandum of understanding between Montgomery County, Montgomery County Emergency Management and the city of Red Oak regarding the use of subscriber radios for emergency response. Wright says the memorandum is connected to the county's new emergency communication system currently under construction.

"Of course, we've been working on installing the towers across the county, and the equipment," said Wright. "Along with that, they had agreed to purchase all the new radios and radio equipment for all the first responder entities--the fire departments, the sheriff's department, the police departments. So, this agreement is for those radios and radio equipment that will then be owned by the city of Red Oak for our fire department and our police department."

Once the county purchases the radios, Wright says it's the city's responsibility to take care of them.

"Once they are all installed, once the system is up and going," he said, "they become the city of Red Oak's to operate and maintain, and become the city's responsibility to operate and maintain, and of course pay for any repairs and replacement thereof."

Wright says the new system is expected go online March 1st.

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