Red Oak Junior-Senior High School

Red Oak Junior-Senior High School

(Red Oak) -- Red Oak's School Superintendent says the hybrid model to start the year has gone well in the district.

Meeting in regular session Monday night, the Red Oak School Board heard an update on remote learning in the district from Junior/Senior High Instructional Coach Janelle Erickson. Superintendent Ron Lorenz says overall, the remote learning option has gone well for students and staff.

"We want to make sure that we are providing robust virtual instruction," said Lorenz. "We want to make sure that we're providing teachers all the supports that they need. Janelle talked to the board about our efforts to monitor our implementation and to do determine where we need to support teachers to make sure that we can do a good job of that."

Families were given the option at the beginning of the year to have their children participate in online-only instruction or face-to-face instruction. In-person classes are held in the district Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays are reserved for deep cleaning of the district's facilities and online instruction support. Lorenz says the district's goal is to ensure that students are receiving the same level of instruction regardless of the method they choose.

"Our students have the option to participate in face-to-face courses or traditional classroom instruction, and they have the option of participating in fully remote instruction," said Lorenz. "Right now, we're in a hybrid model where we are providing both. We have a number of students who are learning from and that are learning virtually. Most of our students are in the classroom, but we want to make sure that we are providing effective instruction regardless of the delivery model."

Lorenz lauded the district's staff for their work in making the hybrid model work thus far.

"They are doing their very best to get things rolled and to present content to kids in a way that is relevant and that is robust," said Lorenz. "It's been a challenge for many of our teachers, because we're asking them to do a lot more than we've asked them to do in years past. For the most part, they've really taken it in stride, they've risen to the occasion and they are doing a pretty good job."

In other business, the board approved a policy and procedure manual for the Red Oak High School Immersed Learning Program. Lorenz says the program serves as an alternative way for students to graduate high school.

"Our immersed learning program is essentially our alternative school option for those kids who aren't as successful as we'd like them to be in a traditional school setting," said Lorenz. "This handbook merely lays out the parameters of that program, talks a little bit about the vision and the outcomes. It also provides an overview of the admissions process, attendance requirements and just general classroom expectations."

Lorenz made his comments on KMA's 7:05 newscast Tuesday morning. You can hear the full interview with Lorenz below.

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