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(Des Moines, IA) -- The Iowa Economic Development Board recently approved the rules for a new fund designed to help small meat processors. Iowa Economic Development Authority spokesperson, Kannan Kappleman, says the agency is charged with handing out the 750-thousand dollars. The fund provides financial assistance in the form of matching grants to businesses for projects related to small-scale meat processing, licensed custom lockers, and mobile slaughter units. The rules lay out the requirements to receive the grants. The I-E-D-A website has a document on frequently asked questions and the rules.

(Waterloo, IA) -- An Iowa man argues Waterloo police used excessive force when they shot him last April. Forty-four-year-old Marcelino Alvarez-Victoriano was left paralyzed. Police say he pointed a pellet gun that looked like a shotgun at two Black Hawk County deputies. A Waterloo police officer shot him. Alvarez-Victoriano challenges the police version of events and says very few details have been released in the five months since the shooting. An internal police review cleared the officer who shot him. Although he was charged, he hasn’t been arrested since his hospital release because jailers don’t want to be responsible for his medical care.

(Washington, DC) -- Congresswoman Cindy Axne is among seven federal lawmakers being challenged over their financial transactions. An investigation is being requested. It is alleged by Republicans that the Iowa Democrat deliberately failed to properly disclose dozens of transactions that federal law requires them to report. A spokesperson for Axne says she will correct any errors she might have made. Five of the seven congressional members – including Axne – serve on the House Financial Services Committee.

(Des Moines, IA) -- Iowans are hearing plenty about flu shots and COVID-19 boosters, but a lung doctor says another vaccine needs to share the spotlight. It's called T-Dap, for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos (PANNA-geese GALLEY-say-toes), a spokesman for the American Lung Association in Iowa, says pertussis or whooping cough can lead to life-threatening problems. "In Iowa, there were 244 cases in 2019 which is roughly about eight cases per 100,000 which puts Iowa in the middle of all 50 states," Galiatsatos says. "Those are 244 cases too many. Those are preventable diseases for adults and we want to make sure they understand how to prevent the disease." While you may have had a T-Dap or similar vaccine as a child, he says the effectiveness wears off as the years go by and most grown-ups could use another vaccine.

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