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(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- A district court judge has ordered a hospital to share the medical records of an accused killer with the prosecution. Twenty-year-old Alexander Jackson faces three counts of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of his parents and his 19-year-old sister. The three family members were killed in the family home June 15th. Jackson’s lawyers had argued the information prosecutors wanted were privileged medical records. Judge Lars Anderson disagreed.

(Madison, WI) -- Iowa’s share of the national opioid settlement is expected to be about 170 million dollars. The three largest drug distribution companies and drugmaker Johnson and Johnson agreed Wednesday to a settlement worth a total of 26 billion dollars. The four companies were accused of helping start the country’s deadly opioid epidemic by the way the highly addictive painkilling pills and patches were distributed. As part of the agreement, Johnson and Johnson will stop selling opioids.

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- Former presidential candidate and U-S Senator Ted Cruz returns to Iowa next month for a political fundraiser. The Texas Republican will appear August 28th at the Linn County Fairgrounds on behalf of Congresswoman Ashley Hinson. Cruz won the 2016 Republican Caucus in Iowa. Others attending “Ashley’s B-B-Q Bash” include Governor Kim Reynolds, U-S Senator Chuck Grassley, and Republican National Committee Cahir Ronna McDaniel.

(Des Moines, IA) -- Des Moines Fire Chief John Tekippe says his department has 13 vacancies currently. A member of the City Council puts the number closer to 50. Councilmember Joe Gatto says that’s why he ran for the office. The chief says he has 17 people training at the Firefighter Academy and he says he is confident there will be enough firefighters to fill all vacancies. Gatto is worried about the new fire station opening this fall. He says the city doesn’t have the staffing to fill all of the positions. Tekippe says he is confident all staffing needs will be met, calling it an issue of managing resources.

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