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(Marshalltown, IA). -- FEMA is opening a disaster center in Marshalltown this (Tuesday) morning to continue work with the derecho recovery. Spokesman John Mills says the drive-up center will be open right behind the Marshalltown V-A clinic at 9:00 a-m and stay open until 6:00 p-m. Mills says you can use the center to drop off documents or register with FEMA. He says your insurance is your first line of defense, but then FEMA my be able to fill some of the gaps for critical needs that insurance doesn't cover. Mills stresses that you can call in or register with FEMA online and going to a drive-up center is simply another option now available in the two locations. There is already one derecho disaster center open in Cedar Rapids and Mills says another may be coming to eastern Iowa.

(Des Moines, IA) -- The E-P-A has announced it is rejecting dozens of oil refinery waivers that give an exemption from the requirement that ethanol can be blended into gasoline. E-P-A Administrator Andrew Wheeler said the decision follows President Trump's promise to promote domestic biofuel production and support our nation's farmers. Monte Shaw of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association says the action by the E-P-A short-circuits a blatant attempt by some oil refiners to skirt federal ethanol requirements. He says the end result will be the number of oil refineries eligible to receive an ethanol blending waiver has been reduced to single digits.

(Treynor, IA) -- Donald Trump, Junior, headlined a campaign rally in the small western Iowa town of Treynor Monday. He told the crowd of about 250 that Joe Biden is camouflage for the radical left. The president's 42 year-old son says, "Democrats are no longer Democrats, they're communists." As his father did in 2016, the younger Trump has a populist message, accusing Biden of being a globalist when it comes to communist China. The president's oldest son joked that Trump Derangement Syndrome is worse than Covid-19 and the crowd in Treynor cheered. Democrats responded to Trump's appearance less than 20 miles from Omaha, saying no member of the Trump family has any credibility to talk honestly with voters after the president admitted to downplaying the pandemic.

(Beijing, CN) -- The U-S Department of State has confirmed that the ambassador to China, former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, is leaving his post. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thanked Branstad for his three years of service in a tweet. While on the job in Beijing, Branstad was in the middle of negotiations that returned American beef to the Chinese market aftr 14 years. The two countries announced a deal late last year that China would buy more U-S farm products in exchange for reduced U-S tariffs. China reportedly has been slow to follow through.

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